This is an excellent exercise for strengthening the legs and for developing rotational core strength.

The Aqua bag side swing squat is essentially the same exercise as the swing squat except it’s performed in the frontal plane (laterally).

By working in the frontal plane, it adds a new dimension to your training. Plus, it’s an engaging and fun exercise to incorporate into your workouts.

When initiating this exercise perform a few smaller reps with the bag to build momentum before going into the full range of motion.


  1. Equipment Setup: Start by positioning your feet about shoulder-width apart. Insert your hands through the two straps of the Aqua Bag.

  2. Initial Momentum: Get the bag swinging by using your hips to generate a bit of momentum.

  3. Stable Posture: Ensure your elbows are locked out and your shoulders are packed down, maintaining a strong posture.

  4. Weight Shift: As the bag passes the centerline, shift your weight slightly to one leg. Then, as the bag moves to the other side, shift your weight to the opposite leg. The key here is to always move your weight in the opposite direction of the bag’s swing.

  5. Full Body Engagement: Keep your body’s centerline aligned with the bag’s movement, and maintain eye contact with the bag. The highest point of the swing should be around shoulder height, and make sure to rotate through your thoracic region to face the bag as it swings.