The grappler toss is a useful exercise for building rotational core strength as well as shoulder and grip strength. Power the movement with a rotational hip drive and pivot. Performing this movement with as much force as possible will also boost your cardio and muscular endurance. Use the microphone grip and ensure the waves reach the anchor point.

Teaching Points

  1. Set up facing the anchor holding the rope in a microphone grip.
  2. If you’re holding the battle rope on the right side of your body, pivot the left foot internally.
  3. Forcefully rotate the hips to the left while pivoting the right foot, keep the midline of your body connected to your hands.
  4. Keep a neutral spine, the core muscles engaged, and shoulders packed and retracted throughout.
  5. Repeat the movement.
  6. Match your breath to your movement, get into a rhythm.

Common Problems Solutions

Error: Initiating the movement with the arms.

Correction: Generate the power through the hips.