Joining a Fitness Boot Camp Instead OF A Gym is a Cost-Effective Way to Stay Fit and Get the Kind of Body that you’ve Always Wanted!

A lot of people believe that you have to be a gym member to keep fit, lose weight and above all to get in shape. However, being a gym member is not essentially what you have to do just to get yourself fit. You just have to be taught properly on how and what to do by a personal trainer or a qualified instructor. Needless to say, some people who exercise would prefer to be performing the proper workout and get the optimum results they could have. The fact is that, you can’t have the best possible results just by showing up at the gym. In order to get the proper type of training, best professional advice, and best worth for your money, fitness boot camp will be the answer.

Boot Camps are a much affordable alternative than personal training or joining a gym.

Boot Camps are a much affordable alternative than personal training or joining a gym.

Lots of money being shelled out in a gym yet you didn’t get the results you wanted.  Hiring the services of a fitness trainer is quite affordable and many are profiting of using one. Since a good trainer has the skills as well as tools to train you wherever (at home or in the park) you desire, you don’t need a gym membership anymore. The trainer will do fitness exams to know your fitness level and then modify a workout that suits you.

Some trainers offer group training or boot camps if you think that one-to-one is a bit expensive. This one is quite an affordable answer to your problem. If you like to lose weight and significantly improve your overall fitness levels, then boot camp is an excellent option. At Dangerously Fit, training with other like-minded people boosts the energy levels and the personal trainer is always available to supervise technique as well as ensure the proper posture is used anytime. All our training is done outdoors with kettlebells, dumbbells, Olympic rings, medicine balls and bodyweight. You will get the opportunity to learn new movements and exercises that will get you in the best shape and as well help tone your muscles.

It is our top priority that our campers get faster results and also have fun in the process. On that note, we vary the workouts on a regular basis to make it more fun and keep your body from getting stagnant. In addition, our workouts are affordable so everybody can enjoy them.

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Joining a Gym? Get your money’s worth by joining a Fitness Boot Camp!

Aussies wasting money in gym membership

“IF YOU are one of the many who vowed that 2013 would be the year you got fit, forking out hundreds of dollars in a gym membership may be a waste of your hard-earned dollars.

The most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show 63.4 per cent of adults were overweight or obese in 2011-12, making us one of the fattest nations in the world.

This financial year, we are expected to pump about $3 billion into the fitness industry – which has been reinvigorated by reality television programs such as The Biggest Loser.

However, Australian Medical Association president Dr Steve Hambleton says no matter how much most people exercise, a bad diet and overeating will make you fat – so the food needs to be addressed before money is parted with…

…even spending the better part of $1000 on a gym membership should be looked at as an investment in your own good health.

…a new year is a “prosperous” time for personal trainers, with many people resolving to lose their Christmas kilograms.”

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