Boot Camps can help relieve stress in moms

Moms with babies will welcome this news about a baby boot camp. Most moms who have children below 2 years old often find themselves having to give up their social lives for a while to be able to tend to their children and participating in any fitness program usually has to wait until the child is ready to be left to himself without causing himself harm. But in Sherwood,Oregon, a new mom thought of turning the situation of having your take your kid around with you into an enjoyable workout experience.

Boot camp for moms can help relieve stress

Boot camp for moms can help relieve stress

Moms have a big need to get themselves in shape. Having to take care of your children is quite a challenging task, both physically, emotionally and mentally. Children are active and demanding little people who can take out all your energy and drive you to the wall in a single breath. A good workout can help release the tension and the stress of a day’s work.

Mothers need to be able to keep their moods in check. Usually, when the day’s about to end, a mom’s disposition may already be shaky especially after a really exhausting day with the baby; for instance, having had to run errands with the baby in tow. Exercise and other physical activities can help regulate that temper and keep you from experiencing breakdowns. Anything as simple as a walk in the park or a little jog is said to stimulate brain cells which in turn, leaves a mom calm and relaxed.

Moms don’t always have time for themselves. Having to keep up with active little children can get very exhausting that lot of moms usually drop to their own beds after putting their kids to sleep at night. Having a good fitness regimen can lengthen your energy supply and will allow you to enjoy other things such as being able to stay up for a chat and a coffee with the mister or enjoy a good movie on TV together.

Hands-on moms need a healthy amount of adult conversation. Boot camps can help fill that need to socialize and be around other people. A baby boot camp can be a special time for a mom, a time when having the baby around will not feel like a chore but will remind her of how fun and rewarding it is of to have baby around.

 Here’s the story on the baby boot camp as relayed by Oregon Live:

The national “Baby Boot Camp” program will open a location at the Fit CORPS fitness center, 21900 SW Alexander Ln., Feb. 18.

Owner Jessica Steitzer said the classes are mainly for new moms, but prenatal clients can take them as well. Baby Boot Camp helps balance the fitness needs of new moms with their desire to spend time with their new baby. Classes include Strollfit, which combines cardio drills and strength training with a stroller, and Strollga is a yoga-inspired class where moms use the stroller as a prop to modify yoga poses.

“It’s a great sense of community,” Steitzer said. “You’re working out with moms who are going through the same things as you.”

Read the rest of the story here.

The bottom line of putting up a baby boot camp is that being fit and healthy is a necessity for parents to be able to give their best to their children. Exercise can bring up your energy levels and keep you fit, strong, happy and healthy to face the challenges of raising another person.

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