If you are fed up with the everyday push-up/pull-up bodyweight exercises, then it is the perfect time to head to a boot camp!

Fitness camp training is the best way to get fit fast and in losing weight. The workout routine is much like the one employed by the military to beat participants into shape.

These types of exercises became extremely popular over the last decade because they are way more capable of providing a full body exercise routine than conventional workouts, because of a distinctive combination of muscle building and cardiovascular exercises.

Boot camp workouts are enjoyable; challenging your body and your mind as well by making yourself push much harder. See this video post for some bodyweight exercises.

Ways to Get Fit with Body Weight Exercises – Boot Camp Style

Try this regimen for a change in your regular workout and soon you will discover why the military make use of these types of exercises and you will find out how tough bodyweight exercises could be.

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