When you hear the words “botanical garden” you don’t often immediately partner them with the idea of boot camp. In fact, it is hardly likely that anyone would immediately think of boot camp botanical gardens as a real thing, but it is real and it is a remarkably popular activity.

When we say boot camp, however, we are not describing a huge bunch of “commandos” trampling the flower beds and sloshing through the ponds and delicate marshlands. Instead, the boot camp that we are discussing is the type of focused fitness activity that many people use to jump start their fitness and diet plans.

A Basic Explanation of a Boot Camp Botanical Gardens

Let’s begin this explanation with a bit of clarification. Boot camp in the classic sense is something that happens in the military. It involves the most essential and fundamental training and is often a way of getting new recruits into good shape in a very short period of time. It is known for being particularly exhausting and difficult, but it results in well defined muscles, cardiovascular strength and endurance, and even a lot of weight loss.

Today, the civilian form of boot camp is often called a group fitness class or experience, and it uses many of the same group activities. Little wonder then that many people will be drawn to the idea of a bootcamp because it is a concept that pairs the rough (the bootcamp) with the really relaxing and lovely (the botanical gardens).

This idea is supported by official statements from many botanic gardens, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust which states that it was established to provide a tranquil and safe setting. Certainly, walking or jogging through the peaceful setting of a botanic garden would be appreciated by anyone, but what about this whole boot camp botanical gardens concept? Does this really work?

The Success of Group Training

There are more than 140 sites that are designated as botanical gardens in Australia. The use of these sites for group fitness is so popular and frequent that it has created the need for many of the botanic garden organizations to establish formal guidelines for any boot camp in the botanical gardens. These guidelines indicate where a personal fitness trainer or group instructor can conduct outdoor group training in the botanical gardens, and it lays out the policies for protecting the environment in which all of this activity will occur.

Boot camp Botanical Gardens means that you get outdoors and benefit from the fresh air

Boot camp Botanical Gardens means that you get outdoors and benefit from the fresh air

This shows how appealing the idea of rigorous fitness in a relaxing setting has become. The fitness program is not, however, always about the extreme fitness that most associate with military operations.

The variations of outdoor fitness Botanical Gardens

While it may seem appealing to do a lot of heavy cardio fitness training in a beautiful outdoor setting, this is not the only way that a boot camp in botanical gardens operates. Certainly are there many military-like groups using the wide open spaces in many gardens, but there are also more “civilian friendly” options for bootcamps in the botanical gardens too.

For instance, you can find many “mummy’s in training” options. These are ladies-only options for group training in the botanical gardens and will use core work, strength training, running or walking, stretching, and even meditation during cool down.

There are also a lot of the group fitness courses that describe themselves as and will focus on a blend of more extreme activities. This might be the traditional cardio fitness work, but also strength training, toning, stretching, and many other kinds of “cross fitness” work. This is never done with standard equipment, however, and can really enhance the individual strength quickly because the work is so unique. Think of climbing, running sprints on hills, and similarly strenuous activities.

This is where group fitness shows itself to be very different. For instance, you may find that one of the personal trainers uses the children’s playground gear to enhance the results. Another might just utilize the enormous space to do tons of cardio work that burns calories and challenges the individual right from the first class.

Choosing Botanical Gardens Personal Trainer

Clearly, no matter what your personal fitness and weight loss goals might be, a group training program is a brilliant idea. They are always taught by knowledgeable and experienced personal trainers and exercise experts. They use beautiful and unique settings that enhance the overall experience. Group fitness means that you get outdoors and benefit from the fresh air.

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