Exercise Improves Mental Health Vital to Winning Over Terminal Illness

When we talk about exercise, we only think about our physical health; our strength, our energy and our physical functionality and capabilities. Seldom do we relate it to the other areas of our overall health such as our mental health. The fact is that exercise, with its physical benefits the most observable, also benefits our mental health that is vital to our body’s resistance to conditions and illnesses, even the terminal ones.

Exercise Helps Win Over Terminal Illness

Exercise Helps Win Over Terminal Illness

A number of scientific explanations and hypotheses on the positive effects of exercise on mental health have been presented to supply answers to what would be evidential. Studies have shown that people have improved mental state when working out or are involved in different physical activities, but the explanations behind these findings are yet to be concluded upon.

One such hypothesis is that during exercise, we release endorphins and other chemicals to our brain. Such chemicals are responsible for the “feel good” effects that we experience. Have you ever observed a person after a workout session? There’s a certain level of confidence and uplifted self-esteem that you sense from them.

Another explanation offered is that because people feel stronger and fitter after a workout, it achieves an uplifted sense of worth. Whatever it is, exercise produces a healthy state of mind that is key to winning over terminal illnesses.

In general, people diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses withdraw into feelings of hopelessness and discouragement. They experience a certain level of pain and a substantial amount of fear and stress. Some of the benefits of exercising include easing out stress, mental fatigue, tension and even anger.  With regular exercise and physical activity, patients going through terminal ailments feel empowered to battle it out with their sickness.  In fighting life-threatening illnesses, a person’s emotional health, as well as the health of his state of mind,  are both crucial.

A former marine has recently put up a fitness bootcamp, recognizing and appreciating the value of overall health in living life to the full. He learned this through years of living with his terminally ill daughter. Here’s an excerpt on his story on Somerset:

Former Marine Shares the Value of Life through a Fitness Boot Camp

“The sessions are as much about improving your mental state as well as physical.

“I left the Marines after ten years, during my time in the forces I boxed and participated in triathlons at a high level.

“I found out I not just had a gift for exercise but to train others as well without the need for all that military shouting

You can read the rest of the story here.

Exercise also improves appetite, develop good sleeping habits, in some cases, enhances social life and boosts the sense of achievement.

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