Bootcamp what is and what `ain’t

Starting the day with exercise has always been considered ideal.  People who show up for early morning bootcamps say that working out in the morning have enhanced their performance all throughout the day, providing them with the energy they need for the tasks and challenges up ahead.

Joining bootcamps in the morning increases your chances of being consistent with your fitness plan

Joining bootcamps in the morning increases your chances of being consistent with your fitness plan

But first, let’s make some things clear.

The theory stating that early morning exercise increases the body’s metabolic rate, triggering it to burn off fats for fuel instead of carbohydrates since there are none available has been debunked; instead, studies clarify that the body burns 80% of the carbohydrates while you’re sleeping and burns through the remaining 20% when you work it off in the morning.

The theory, which results with a drop on your sugar level, only concludes that the brain will lack the fuel that it needs to function properly.

The solution? Provide the body with more carbs to burn. Eat your breakfast.

Benefits of Morning Bootcamps

Early morning bootcamps have many benefits. To start off with the practical ones, you get to avoid inhaling air pollution since there are still not many cars speeding around.

There are also fewer people awake. There’ll be less chances of anyone feeling inconvenienced in any way by your group’s activities.

On the other hand, exercise will give you that boost of energy that you need to get you pumped up for the day. Many people claim that they are more “inspired” for the day when they exercise in the morning resulting in better performance and more productive results.

Here’s an article on Tampa Bay Times:

Politicos Join Early Morning Bootcamp

While most folks were fast asleep or starting to hit their snooze buttons, a small group of politicos were getting sweaty as they ran up and down the steps of the Old Capitol.

They had a Tampa Republican to blame. Rep. Dana Young asked Shannon Colavecchio to relocate one of her regular bootcamps to the Capitol complex during this year’s legislative session. Colavecchio works in public relations by day, but on nights, early mornings and weekends she is chief butt-kicker at Badass Fitness.

The Capitol Badass Bootcamp held Wednesdays at 6 a.m. has been growing every week. Sixteen people, including this Times/Herald reporter, attended this week’s workout.

According to scientific studies, early morning light that enters the eye retinas send signals to the brain, which, in effect, positively influences a person’s appetite, temperature, blood pressure and sleeping cycle.

Although in terms of weight loss, strength training and all that, early morning exercise does not reap results any better than exercise at any other time of the day; you get the same results in those.

However, doing your workout much later, like after work or in the evenings may disrupt your sleeping routines which can cause health problems later on. So, it’s really much more advisable to get it all done in the morning when you can use the energy you’ve gathered to soar through your day.

Joining early morning bootcamps also increases your chances of being consistent with your fitness plan. Have you ever noticed that morning hours seem quick to fly you by?

That’s the thing with exercising in the mornings. If it’s the first thing you do, there’ll be less chances of slacking off or giving in to excuses such as being too tired from the day’s work and all that. Before you know it, you’ve completed your set of bootcamp sessions and enjoying the rewards of your hard work.

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