The Bulgarian bag lateral lunge clean is a fantastic lateral movement. Your legs get challenged with the lunge and the body is targeted with the clean.

Teaching Points

  1. Start with the bag in the rack position and your feet hip width apart.
  2. Keep your chest proud and torso upright.
  3. With your toes pointing forward take a large lunge to the side whilst simultaneously casting the bag forward into a swing.
  4. Absorb your weight into the heel of your leading leg and catch the bag through the legs at the bottom of the swing, your trailing leg should be straight at the bottom of the movement.
  5. Drive down hard through your lunging leg whilst simultaneously shrugging your shoulders and drawing your elbows upwards.
  6. Once the bag reaches chest height, immediately drop your elbows under the bag, gently catch the bag in the rack position and stand up tall.
  7. The bag should remain close the body at all times.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Allowing the bag to loop too high or too far from the body causing the bag to hit the chest quite hard.
Corrections: Keep the bag close to the body at all times and focus on taming the arc.