Employee Fitness Boosts Productivity at the Workplace

More and more companies are including fitness as an incentive for their employees. Different tactics are being used to persuade office staff to exercise and to eat healthily such as providing gym memberships, putting up reward systems or organizing team building events that focus on fitness and wellness.

Provide Fitness Incentives for Your Employees

Provide Fitness Incentives for Your Employees

For sometime now, obesity had been upsetting people’s effectiveness at the workplace. Many employees, once full of potential, would start lagging behind, causing delays, or are downright pulling down the company’s productivity.

Studies have shown that overweight workers take more leaves from work than others due to illnesses caused by their weight. Performance-wise, they are sluggish and often drowsy during work hours.

Obesity is widespread. In Australia alone, 75% of the population is considered overweight and obese. Countries all over the world have launched into several creative campaigns to fight this health issue and its contributions to failing economies.

The Taiwanese government had gotten more impressively involved with the obesity issue in their country more recently. They had gotten several business companies in the country to participate in a nationwide campaign that targeted to lose cumulatively 600,000 kilograms in one year.  By putting up an award system, the government was able to urge companies to push for higher fitness for their workers and staff.

Watch this BBC News feature on Taiwan’s government campaign against obesity:

Taiwan Succeeds in Nationwide Fitness Campaign


Here are a few suggestions on how to encourage your employees to shed off excess weight:

Employee Fitness Recommendations

  1. Employ as many means to communicate about fitness to your workers. Send out emails and newsletters or use a few minutes of your staff meetings to discuss about it. Make them aware of its effects to your company’s growth.
  1. Assign them to organize and plan fitness events. The deeper their involvement in the planning, the bigger their participation would be.
  1. Provide healthy meal and snack alternatives. Some people may not be into it because they have little or no access to more balanced meals and healthier snacks.
  1. Invite fitness experts and nutritionists to give brief talks on weight loss benefits and have them ready to answer questions. Let the fitness expert provide a short demonstration that will require participation from the staff. Sometimes, they just need to have a feel of it before they will be brave enough to sign up for a fitness program.
  1. Tap a fitness bootcamp to hold after-office-hours workout sessions with you and your employees.  Since boot camps are done in groups, the fee for each employee will be considerably more affordable; the company will most likely be able to afford to sponsor it.

Fitness should not be taken for granted.  Sponsoring your employees’ workout programs is a win-win situation for both of you. They become healthier and more confident and their efficiency at work will  increase substantially.

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