Being 65 does not make famous British Sports presenter, Jim Rosenthal any less fit than anyone whose age is so much younger than his. In fact, you can learn a thing or two about exercise and other things on fitness from this sports veteran.


“The older you get, the more exercise you have to do…”- Jim Rosenthal

Here are some of the things he said in an interview with The Daily Mail:

Exercise And Diet – The Basics Of Fitness And Weight Loss

“The older you get, the more exercise you have to do to stave off the effects of age.”

This is actually supported by a study made by the University of Alabama in 2011 which states that older people need to do more doses of resistance training to increase and maintain their muscle mass. The same study says that the inability to sustain consistency in exercise can result to significant effects on the individual’s strength.

 “The simplest way to do that is to cut out alcohol and bread and increase exercise.”

Dangerously fit founder and fitness expert, Dan Clay warns his readers in his E-book, Weight Loss Secrets to stay away from the bread basket.

In a study conducted by Jean Mayer of the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, bread has been found to be the biggest cause of belly fat compared to those who eat potatoes and meat.

In an article in The Daily Mail, it was published that the World Cancer Research Fund has named alcohol as one of the top reasons why diets fail. A 175 ml of wine is equivalent to 248 calories; and the hard thing about burning wine calories is that it take slower and longer. You’ll need to do at least 52 minutes of brisk walking to shed off what calories you put into your body.

The recipe for a successful weight loss is to minimize calorie intake and maximize physical activities.

“But I have got the sort of body that puts weight on quickly so I’m aware of that and usually have fruit for pudding.”

Again, it boils down to wise food choices. Fruits are always a great substitute to puddings and other sweet desserts. They’re delicious and often filling, but at the same time, contain less sugar and fat.

The proof to a well-lived healthy life is the result. Here’s the article on The Daily Mail:

Exercise & Jim Rosenthal

Every year I have a Bupa medical and at the last one I was told I’ve got the body of a man in his 30s and my son, Tom, who is a comedian, said they probably meant a fat man in his 30s who never exercises, so he ripped me down to size.

Exercise and wise food choices, those are the secrets of this old-timer. It’s the very same foundations that the new generation fitness experts are teaching us now. At 65, Mr. Jim Rosenthal is living proof that you can live long, healthy and proud.

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