Is a juice cleansing a better solution to lose weight? With a lot of celebrity endorsers claiming that they keep their skinny figures with a combination of fasting and juice cleanses, most people may think that this could be the solution to their weight problems that never manage to come off. But could it be?

Juice cleanses entail swapping solid food for juices made out of fresh vegetables and fruits for some time. This type of detoxification diet is instantly getting increasingly popular and it is usually regarded being a quick fix. However, the health benefits of juice cleanse haven’t been proven.

If done properly, a juice fast might be advantageous, but it's not for everybody. Photo Credit:

If done properly, a juice fast might be advantageous, but it’s not for everybody.
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Juice cleanses might help jumpstart a diet plan and promote healthy eating patterns. It’s a simple and easy diet since the recommended vegetables and fruits are not hard to find, regardless of where you reside. They’re available and easily accessible at the supermarket.

Several cleanses recommend reducing on food before getting started with the diet and usually put a focus on eating healthily. They recommend reducing caffeine, sugar, as well as, animal products a minimum of two weeks prior to the fast and progressively moving to an even more vegan-style diet.

Incorporating vegetables and fruits increase your intake of antioxidant. As most cleanses suggest utilizing organic fruit, this too minimizes the amount of pesticides you take in. Juice cleanses likewise suggest drinking plenty of water each day. The mixture of this will keep an individual feeling satiated that may prevent craving and bingeing.

The reduced calorie consumption will certainly allow you to reduce weight. If coupled with colon cleanses, you might end up getting rid of 10-15 pounds in a week.

In certain serious cases, juice cleanses could be combined with colon cleanses or enemas to filter the intestines. Too much juice cleanses that take a long time could result in loss of muscle mass because of the insufficient protein and a huge reduction in metabolic rate. Rapid weight loss may also result in ketosis, a metabolism imbalance that may result in dizziness and fatigue.

Those who might be planning a juice cleansing diet at first may suffer fatigue and dizziness, abrupt acid reflux and headaches, particularly if a lot of citrus fruits are eaten during the cleanse. Another usual side effect of juice cleanse is bad breath. By eating an excessive amount of solid food following a cleanse, your body might “rebound” and you’ll end up putting on all the hard-earned pounds back.

Individuals with a health problem such as diabetes have to avoid juice cleanses due to the large fructose intake. However, they might reduce the quantity of fruit and concentrate more on vegetables.

Juice cleanses, as published online at NY1 News, stated that it is not a guaranteed way to lose weight. Here’s the article:

Juice Cleanses Not A Sure Way To Lose Weight

[quote style=”boxed”]Thinking about doing a juice cleanse? You may want to think again. NY1’s Jill Urban filed the following report about some things you should consider before trying this kind of diet.

Juice cleanses are all the rage these days, designed to rid the body of toxins. Many turn to them as a way to promote wellness and weight loss, but are they safe?[/quote]

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You’ll most likely lose weight with a juice cleanse. However, a lot of this is usually water weight. Once you start to consume solid food again, the majority of that weight will come back on. Moreover, not having solid food for a few days can prompt cravings, as well as, intense hunger that may cause overeating the moment you stop fasting.

Before starting on any diet, be sure to talk to your doctor regarding the kind of action you want to try. Be cautious of some fad juice cleanses that ask you to spend your hard-earned money in wonder juices. If done properly, a juice fast might be advantageous, but it’s not for everybody.

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