The weight loss and diet industry is a multi-billion dollar business. You will find a lot of dietary fads to mention; however, popular ones at this time would be the 5:2 diet, low-calorie diet, the detox diet, and the diet that is making a comeback – the Corset Diet.

If you have not heard about the corset diet, Jessica Alba will tell you more about it.

Jessica Alba implemented this diet to slim down following her two pregnancies – and also, since then, a lot of women trying it continues to be on the rise. Other celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Garner, are said to have utilized abdominal binders of some sort to get back to their skinnies.

The Corset Diet puts no constraints over the calories taken in nor will it restrict particular foods.  Photo Credit:

The Corset Diet puts no constraints over the calories taken in nor will it restrict particular foods.
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The Corset Diet puts no constraints over the calories taken in nor will it restrict particular foods. Rather, the corset alone will do everything, with the clothing’s tight fit, which makes it hard to eat large meals. Those who are on the Corset Diet have to put on a tight-fitting corset starting from nine in the morning up to nine in the evening for about six weeks. Those on a diet could consume anything they like with the corset, but they need to stay away from eating solid foods less than a couple of hours before taking off the corset. Water could be consumed whenever you want, day or night.

Even though there’s hardly any scientific research to verify the potency of the Corset Diet, people adopting the program’s recommendations report suffering from a natural appetite loss, for the reason that the corset tighten the abdomen and stomach. Even the idea of eating a sizable meal will end up less appealing eventually. Always looking at the hourglass shape the corset makes, can also give a mental benefit, being a frequent reminder of what restricting intake of food could achieve.

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The Corset Diet promises instant weight loss without surgery

[quote style=”boxed”]IT IS the so-called diet which promises to drop inches from your waist without the need for surgery because you don’t get as hungry.

Sound too good to be true?

It probably is, and while health experts wouldn’t recommend it as a long-term weight loss solution, UK firm the Corset Diet reckons it is the best way to shift those stubborn kilos fast.[/quote]

Although wearing a corset occasionally might be harmless, if you are planning to put on a corset regularly, you have to check with your doctor. The corset shrinks the liver and the lungs and might result in constipation. Consult your doctor to find out that your liver and lungs are healthy and avoid corsets completely before age 21 since the organs aren’t totally developed.

Since corsets can alter the form of the body through training it, corsets are helpful.  On the other hand, nothing can take the place of good, old-fashioned exercise and diet.  Altering the form of the body won’t help women to attain permanent weight loss.  As the corset tightens the torso that can result in decreased eating, that alone can’t enhance the overall health of a woman, as well as, weight loss.

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