With lots of people dealing with obesity, anyone that guarantees a weight loss solution is likely to get a great number of followers. Individuals wanting to lose those excess pounds will try everything that will ensure them of a slimmer body. Making the most of this desperation are the ones that propagate diets – best known as ‘fad diets’ because of their inclination of becoming more popular among the many consumers for quite a while, and disappear to give way  to other fad diet.

Fad diets are extremely preferred by those who want to lose weight as they all make assurances of easy weight loss in just a short time. It often put you on dieting that either has restricted amount of food required, or terrible tasting food. A lot of them also put you just on a papaya or grapefruit. Not one of these is effective. Either they’re hard to maintain, or the dieter quits, or perhaps they do not give you enough nutrient.

To avoid any damages to your body, do not opt for any fad diets. Photo by: www.hivehealthmedia.com

To avoid any damages to your body, do not opt for any fad diets.
Photo by: www.hivehealthmedia.com

Moreover, fad diets are unhealthy, even perhaps detrimental as they are very low calorie. Considering that our body is burning up its usual quota of calories, and you aren’t replacing them with the right foods, it could possibly cause harm to the body. Fad diets, as well, cause radical changes in the body by modifying the food intake. Therefore, there might be the entire removal of a food group.

 Usually, fad diets limit essential food groups like grains, fruits and vegetables. This results in nutritional deficiency in your body. Several diets will probably be inadequate in various food groups such as protein, carbohydrates, minerals, fibers, etc. this isn’t a sign of a balanced and healthy diet.

Fad diets likewise require the dieter that you follow just one food type or food group. This gets monotonous for those who are on a diet and can make it hard follow the diet. Stopping halfway and returning to normal eating is much more detrimental to the body.

Here’s an article from Neha Chandna of india.com:

Fad is bad: Say no to diets which promise speedy weight loss!

First and foremost, there are no shortcuts to weight loss. You haven’t put on all the weight overnight, so how can you expect to lose it at a lightning speed? These days, everyone wants to lose weight in the blink of an eye and to achieve their dream body, they resort to fad diets which definitely work but for a short period of time. They help you lose weight from your muscles and bones leaving you feeling weak and ill. And once you go back to your normal routine, you gain all the weight or even more in no time. You do the math and see what’s the whole point of following some diet regime which is short-lived, deprives you of nutrients and has many hazardous effects on your body?

However good the advertisement is, never be enticed by fad diets, they are not going to help you in the long run. Fad diets are just going to hurt your self-esteem because of recurring weight gain. The best way for you to achieve weight loss would be to eat moderately, follow a balanced diet and exercise.

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