The Benefits of Exercise – Better Sleep!

Sleep is a vital function that affects both mind and body. For many of us, 7-8 hours of sleep is great for our ability to focus and handle stressful situations calmly. Insufficient sleep over a long time may be detrimental to your health. If you often suffer from lack of sleep or even more severe bouts of insomnia, you might not know that getting more exercise through the day can certainly help you sleep much better at night.

Good quality sleep can help you prepare to deal with day-to-day stressors and endure them, and exercise is a known stress reliever. The level of exercise that you exert through the day is among the key ingredients to helping you get a better sleep at night.

Planning a routine workout program that can help you stay fit is not enough if you will not adhere to it after. Planning is not enough if you will not be getting it done, so when you set up a program, ensure that you also take action. With the set of tailored routines, it will surely put your body in the right path and will improve the health and wellness we have yearned for.

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The Connection Between Exercise And Sleep
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Regular exercising and a good night sleep, doing them together will work in the most beneficial way that they can for our body and health. This makes us function well and do work in the best of our capacity and ability.

The best time to work out for better sleep is within the late afternoon or early evening. Make sure your energy reserves are worn-out well before sleeping – that way your body can ready itself for sleep.

Here’s an article from Rosie Gollancz of on the effects of lack of sleep and why it may actually be detrimental to your fitness level.

Exercise For a Great Night’s Sleep

Get Fitter by Sleeping More

With regular exercise, you will observe that your quality of sleep has improved, and the shift between the phases and cycles of sleep becomes smoother and more normal. Keeping up your regular work out during the day, can help you deal with stress and worries of your life much easier.

 By following a regular exercise routine, you will see many changes and health benefits, and most of all improved quality of sleep. Dangerously Fit can help you with your workout routine and you can avail of their 1-week trial for only $1.