Though being obese or overweight isn’t always an indication of sickness, it’s usually a harsh burden to hold. This is also true for teenage girls, as they are in a culture full of self-consciousness and peer judgment. Regrettably, increasingly more teenage girls these days are now being physically and psychologically handicapped with their weight issues. Many people are cognizant of the apparent causes: sedentary lifestyles, fast foods, lack of exercise and so much more.  Adding to the issue, lots of people disregard the long-term negative mental and physical effects it could leave with the person.

Teens who want to lose weight can include good aerobic exercises to their lives. Cardio isn’t just the most effective way to lose weight; it can also help your heart to work properly.

Teens who want to lose weight can include good aerobic exercises to their lives.  Photo Credit:

Teens who want to lose weight can include good aerobic exercises to their lives.
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While carrying out cardio exercises, there is a release of endorphins because of a heart rate increase that is shown to lighten your mood – they are essentially pain relievers, so it’s a little like you’re getting high with no drugs. The great thing regarding cardio exercises is you can decide on anything you want. Swimming, biking, walking on the treadmill, jogging, basketball, tennis and any other activity that will increase your heart rate. Therefore, you are not just enjoying but likewise staying healthy and fit.

Here are some good cardio exercises teenage girls can do.

Bicycle Workouts

Both road bicycles and stationary bikes offer you a great cardio workout. Stationary bicycles are useful if the weather is not best for road biking while road bicycles, on the other hand, enable you to get some fresh air and vitamin D right from the sun. Moreover, biking is another fun method to interact with buddies and make new friends around the bike trail or in the park.

Trampoline Exercises

A trampoline is a superb tool to have fun right after school and in sleepovers. It is also a fantastic way to shed weight. Trampoline exercise offers a cardio workout that burns more calories and will get the heart pumping. Make use of the local gyms or recreation center’s trampoline, or purchase one for yourself to work with every day.


Jogging is among the simplest aerobic workouts to use since you just simply need your feet and a great pair of shoes. Running and walking will also be great aerobic activities. Jogging is fun to do in groups, groups, with your friends, or you can just do it alone along with your headphones in the track. You can also jog together with your dog that will help him get the exercise he needs and have a companion, at the same time.


A sport enables you to definitely acquire skills, connect with others and lose weight all at once. Try something you know, such as soccer or basketball, to obtain a great workout. On the other hand, give something more challenging a try like hockey or lacrosse. Select a sport which involves constant movement and lots of running to obtain a good aerobic workout.

According to a new study, obese or overweight teen girls who carry out cardio exercise are in lower chance of developing various child illnesses including metabolic syndrome, type-2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, an ailment by which fat accumulates in the liver, likely hampering its function eventually.

Check this article published on Runner’s World:

Aerobic Exercise Better for Overweight Girls than Strength Work

[quote style=”boxed”]Running, elliptical machine lowered health risks for teen-age girls, study finds.

In the ongoing battle against childhood obesity, new research suggests that aerobic exercise might be better than resistance training at cutting health risks for overweight girls. [/quote]

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Even if you aren’t obese or overweight, good aerobic workouts are an essential activity to increase your usual routine. They help build confidence and strength. These exercises likewise help make your heart healthy which helps the body defend against ailments generally.

To attain healthy and solid weight loss for teen girls, the very best technique is simply sticking to exercise and diet regimen. It’s the most practical way for teens since it can establish significant results while keeping their safety, as well as, building the basis for a healthy lifestyle. Today, diet and regular exercise are taken for granted. Kids, teenagers and young adults are much more into computer games, television, internet and any other things. The best thing to do is to participate in any activity, in order to have a healthy, active lifestyle.

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