Exercise is essential for a child’s emotional and physical health, but regular exercise provides more benefits for children with autism. Exercise is among the most effective therapy for those who have autism. Even though most kids receive some amount of exercise through playing with some other kids, which is not always the case for autistic children.

Children with autism might have low tone of muscle, troubles with fine-motor control and have slow reaction times. Quite a few have sensory problems, poor bilateral coordination skills and poor hand-to-eye coordination. Hence, exercise is an efficient therapeutic intervention for children with autism but is sometimes overlooked, based on Autism-help.org.

Exercise is among the most effective therapy for those who have autism. Photo Credit: www.damanhealth.ae

Exercise is among the most effective therapy for those who have autism.
Photo Credit: www.damanhealth.ae

Jumping on the trampoline, skipping rope, or perhaps bouncing on a large stability ball may enhance his o her sense of position. Rocking chairs, swings, as well as, merry-go-rounds are beneficial too. Doing somersaults and dancing can improve balance and coordination. Activities like swimming usually help an autistic child that has difficulty learning to ride a bicycle or any other activities that need a series of moves. In addition, hitting a ball using a bat enhances hands-eye coordination.

Latest scientific reviews discovered that exercise programs enhanced social performance and reduced aggression, as well as, stereotypical behaviors in people with autism, based on Moodtraining.com. Exercise boosts the development of new brain cells within the hippocampus — a part of the brain that influences empathy, impulse control and attention. Past research has discovered that the amygdala and hippocampus of people with autism are more compact. Cardio exercise must be vigorous and take place on at least 3 days each week to be advantageous.

Usually, children who are autism are overweight in comparison to neurotypical kids — children who don’t belong to the autism spectrum. While other autistic children, they are more vulnerable to weight problems. Studies suggest that less participation in exercise or any activity is why more children with autism are overweight. Autistic children usually are less interested in physical activities due to issues with motor function, susceptibility to environment stimuli and problems with social communication.

Studies have shown that cardio exercise lessens the occurrence of self-stimulating behaviors typical among autistic children, based on the Autism Talks web page. Studies that required cardio exercises like swimming, jogging and horseback riding demonstrated a decline in stereotypical behaviors that could hinder a child’s social interactions and learning. Scientists hypothesize the regimens of exercise programs, which involve recurring behaviors just like those linked to autism spectrum disorder, may be the reason. The moves that some kinds of exercise need might substitute a child’s poor self-stimulating behaviors.

Here’s an article from the Northbrook Star on how an exercise class can help with kids who have autism.

Exercise Classes for Kids with Autism Improve Confidence and Behavior

An exercise routine is something that is important for everyone. And according to Laura Fine, that includes individuals with autism.

“The research is out there that an increase in movement and physical activity can decrease aggressive and maladaptive behaviors,” said Fine, who has worked in the special education field for almost a decade, and who became a certified fitness trainer in recent years.”

Make sure to make exercise interesting and fun. Sports along with other exercise activities improve self-esteem, overall fitness and well-being and offer social opportunities. Start slowly and gradually, and increase the activity level progressively to suit your child’s physical skills. If your little one has physical problems, consult your pediatrician or your doctor before making an exercise program to in order not to cause more problems.

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