Pregnant women who exercise are said to have lesser chances of having to go through an emergency C-section surgery which is common among many.

It’s a known fact that exercise has its benefits for pregnant women such as helping ease back pains, reduce possibility of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure – both cases usually ending with the mom-to-be on an operating table being prepped for a C-section, and postpartum depression.

Delivery complications are usually caused by inactive (lack of exercise) lifestyles and poor diet

Delivery complications are usually caused by inactive (lack of exercise) lifestyles and poor diet

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It was seen that active gestation period followed by regular exercise made delivery healthy and free from surgery. The reasons for existent rates of C-section have been attributed to inappropriate lifestyle, less focus on health, and great bipedalism.

This study concluded with a finding that said that all those women who were observed during the program showed that the probability of cesarean rates reduced for those who exercised daily.

A lot of high risk pregnancies are attributed to an inactive lifestyle with very poor diet. Generally, pregnant women can take on low to moderate intensity exercises. Nowadays, there is already a collection of pregnancy workouts that are safe and effective.

However, before getting into any pregnancy fitness plan, it is important to consult your physician. Women with a history of diabetes, heart diseases or high blood pressure have certain limitations on the intensity and type of workouts that they can do.

The intensity and level of workouts that a pregnant woman can do will depend on the level of activeness she had before the pregnancy. Beginners are advised to take it slow and low like walking. Swimming is good, as well. Strength training is possible but heavy weights are certainly prohibited. A thirty minute workout is sufficient for any healthy pregnant woman.

Precautions during pregnancy exercises

A pregnant woman can work out as much as she did before she got pregnant; but she shouldn’t increase the intensity nor try to level up her fitness plan.

Skiing, horseback riding and ice skating are strictly prohibited as the possibility of falling is great; so are contact sports such as football, soccer, volleyball, basketball or softball where the pregnant woman can be elbowed, pushed down, stumble or be crushed beneath other players.

Other movements that pregnant women must avoid are bouncing, jumping, hopping skipping or running which can cause some serious pregnancy complications.

Famous celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson demonstrates some effective pregnancy workouts in this video:

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Exercises

Commonly, one to two weeks after giving birth is safe to take on exercises to lose the baby weight, but it is still advised to consult your doctor. Go for low impact workouts and do not over-exercise.

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