Exercise should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like it’s too strict, rigid and restrictive. It should be something enjoyable or you won’t last 2 days of your workout.

A trampoline had easily become a popular trend in today’s fitness. Not only does it help relieve childhood memories, it is also an effective fat blaster.

Trampoline exercises are not only fun, they're also great fat blasters,

Trampoline exercises are not only fun, they’re also great fat blasters,

Even stars have started using trampolines in their workouts. New mom, Megan Fox reconciles with director/producer Michael Bay with whom she had a fall out in with and stars as April in his upcoming blockbuster movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Here’s an article on E! Online:

Megan Fox Go For Trampoline Exercises

Fully decked out in workout gear—with some ankle weights for extra oomph—Fox was photographed in flight, making the exercise look like a breeze with her perfectly curled hair and flawless face.

Here are some of the basic trampoline exercises :

4 Basic Trampoline Exercises

1.Basic Bounce

To do a Basic Bounce, stand on the trampoline, feet slightly apart. Jump up in similar heights twenty times, followed by a minute of rest before doing the next set of 20s. Make sure to slightly bend your knees before each jump.

To counter balance, bring your hands together as you bend your knees and release as you lift off. Do in reps of 2-3. This is a simple, fun way to lose weight.

2.Bounce And Kick

This exercise is not only an effective fat burner, it also develops a person’s strength and flexibility.

To do a Bounce and Kick, bounce on the first then kick up with one foot as you take flight. Be sure to land on both feet every time.

3.Bounce And Stretch

To bounce and stretch, extend your arms to the side or reach up with both arms. Do this when you go up on air; then, go back to their original position afterwards.

4. Knee Touches

Let an elbow touch the opposite knee for every bouncing up you do.

Those are just the basic workouts. There are more complicated, acrobatic types of trampoline exercises for people who are much more advanced in making use of the equipment.

What Are The Benefits Of Trampoline Exercises?

1.Doing exercise using the trampoline and rebounding helps reduces body fat, increases your muscle volume, and increases your fat-burning capability.

2.Trampoline Exercises help in the circulation of the blood to the body and to the heart which will keep it healthy.

3.A Trampoline Exercise is a great de-stressing activity.

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