Having asthma is hard on any kid. They want to run, play and do all sorts of physical activities. Having asthma imposes some limitations, but it shouldn’t be a reason not to let them go out and enjoy some sports and exercises with their friends.

First of all, kids must be encouraged to develop a good fitness habit, especially if they have asthma. Kids who are also obese have a harder time

Asthma shouldn’t stop your child from having fun with some sports and exercises

responding to treatment.  Some exercises are recommended by physicians as part of asthma treatment. Exercise, coupled with proper medication and some really good monitoring can result to a successful treatment.

Asthma shouldn't stop your child from having fun with some sports and exercises

Asthma shouldn’t stop your child from having fun with some sports and exercises


Here are some of the things you should remember about exercise for kids with asthma:

Exercise Precautions For Kids With Asthma

1.Do warm up and cooling down exercises.

Guide the child through 10 minutes of warm up exercises before letting him plunge into a more strenuous physical activity.  Do the same amount of time for cooling down after the main activity.

2. Avoid outdoor exercises during pollen season.

Pollen is a common trigger for asthma, it is best to let the season pass before letting the child go exercising and playing outdoors again.  There are plenty of indoor exercises that you can do together with your child; you can even include the rest of the family! This may be a good time to enjoy some bonding time.

3. If your child has a viral infection like colds and cough, it is wise to put exercise on hold.

A simple viral infection can lead to a serious heart attack.

4. If the child is sick with fever, put exercise on hold and let the child rest.

When the body is weak, it is not wise to push your chances further.  Let the child rest.

5. Always bring the child’s “inhaler”.

It’s good to always have the child’s medication at hand in cases of emergency.

6. Consult your child’s pediatrician.

Give your child’s doctor a call or a text and consult with him regarding any physical activity that your child may want to get involved in. Know your child’s limits.

Here’s a feature on The Boston Globe:

Exercise With Proper Medications And Monitoring Can Result In An Effective Asthma Treatment

Avoiding Asthma Attacks During Exercise

Gymnastics and baseball are usually okay for kids with asthma to do as these sports are not too strenuous and provide ample time to rest in between.

Much more demanding exercises such as soccer, basketball and field hockey, as well as ice hockey, skiing and ice skating are usually advised against.

Swimming is highly recommended and walking can be an effective exercise for anyone with asthma, young and old alike.

Our personal trainers can work with your physician with regards to your medical issues and limitations. Check out our list of Active-After-School programs and choose one that best suits your child’s needs.