Exercise to Battle Cancer

Symptoms like pain, nausea and fatigue are only some of the effects of having chemotherapy. These make it hard to have to exercise, though it is beneficial for the patient. Can exercise really help battle cancer? The advantages of exercise are totally obvious – it considerably improved cardiovascular strength and stamina, lessened depression and anxiety, improve self-esteem and body image and lower blood pressure. In addition, research shows that physical fitness can also be an essential factor in the fight against cancer.

Introducing aerobic training like basic walking regimen reduces fatigue and those performing aerobic exercises improve their self-esteem and cardiovascular fitness. It also reduces their emotional stress during the period of their hospital stay.

Exercise for a Healthy You

Exercise for a Healthy You

Exercise does not only provide tangible health gains and cancer fighting ability, but also it improves psychological wellness. Both mental and physical health helps one another. There is a stability and tranquility between activities that will sustain the mind and those that nourish the soul.

Exercise is safe and great for those going through cancer treatments according to studies, and also for those who have undergone treatment before. For those breasts cancer survivors, they can safely do full-body exercise, and working out after breast cancer lowers chances of death from the disease.

Here’s an account from Pak Tribune regarding the link between physical fitness and cancer.

Does Physical Activity Help Cancer Patients and Survivors?

Cancer in Pakistan and physical activity

Exercise for Cancer Patients

Exercise for Cancer Patients

“Higher levels of fitness have had a profound impact on a human being’s quality of life and life span. Physical activity and cancer have a strong association with each other. There is convincing evidence that physical activity is correlated with a reduced risk of cancers of the colon and breast. Physical activity is a critical component of energy balance, a term used to describe how weight, diet and physical activity influence health, including cancer risk.”

Even though, the link between intense workout and cancer is not very clear at this time, one thing is apparent: exercise is good for you. No doubt that regular cardiovascular activity is great for the heart, can be good for weight loss, improves sleep quality and can help reduce the suffering of those with chronic ailments like such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or diabetes.

Though we still are unsure about how exercise affects the recovery from cancer, or their effects on the immune system. You can click this site for healthy and safe workouts tips for you to follow.