Burn Fat Fast

What does it take to burn those fats and get you back in tiptop shape? Here’s a list of the best Fat Burning Exercises that can help get you in the best physical condition possible.

Burn Fat Fast

Burn Fat Fast

Push Ups and Pull Ups

Push Ups is an effective way to burn calories and shed fat. It’s a full body workout that will make use of many of your muscles and your body weight. To do a regular Push Up, keep your legs and your back straight, balance on your toes and straighten your arms with your palms down on the ground, make sure your wrist and shoulder’s joints are aligned. Bend your elbows as you lower your body to the ground and push back up. Keep your knees off the ground, keep your back straight and engage your core. Breath in as you go down and exhale when you go up. Beginners can try to do a set of 10 first, rest for about 15-20 seconds, then try to do another set.

Pull Ups are harder to do than Push Ups. For one thing, you’ll have to rely primarily on your arms. If you learn to do this, you will be able to increase your strength, tone up and effectively burn those unwanted fats. Beginners can do the Assisted Pull up by standing on a chair with your eyes at bar level. Grip the bar with your palms facing you. Slowly lift yourself up and lower yourself down. Keep your body straight, your abdomen tight and your buttocks clenched.

Squats and Lunges

Squats and Lunges are strength exercises that can get really mean to your fats and burn them away if you do them properly.

To do a Squat, stand with your legs a hip apart, your feet, knees and hips in a straight line. Reach forward with your arms, keep the elbows locked straight. Slightly bend forward, keep your back straight, don’t arch! Make sure that your eyes are in line with your knees; pull your stomach in and squeeze your abs. Go down to a 90 degree angle on your knee bend, then go back up. Inhale as you go down and exhale as you go up. Do 3 sets of 15 squats with a 30-second interval between each set. Count 3 as you go down and another 3 as you go up. This exercise will work your quads , hips, buttocks and hamstrings. It will develop your core strength, burn the calories and do away with excess fat.

To do Lunges, stand tall and straight; put your hands on your hips and your feet facing forward. With your right leg, step forward about 2 feet, the knee of your other leg bent and your heel lifted up. Keep your body straight. Your weight should be on the toes of your right foot. Keep your knees from touching the ground. Then, pull your right leg back to starting position and repeat the exercise on your left leg. Inhale as you go forward and exhale when you go pull back. Lunges help even out the strength of your body; it increases your functionality, improves your balance and burns calories among its many benefits. You can perform lunges with kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, powerbags or with just your own bodyweight.

Step Ups and Box Jumps

For Step Ups, use any platform of about 15-inches high. Stand straight with your legs a hip apart. With your weight concentrated on your right leg, bring it up to the platform and step up, pushing with your heel. Step back down with the right leg followed by your left leg. Try to do 3 sets of 15 for every set.

Step Ups is a lower body exercise that strengthens your body and successfully sheds the fats.

Ideally, you use a workout box or an aerobics step for a Box Jump, but as long as you have a 15-inches high platform, you’re good to go. Jump up on the box and jump back down just as quickly. Box Jumps will require a lot of power and energy from you. Warm up first, especially the muscles of your lower body which you’ll be using a lot in this workout. Do sets of 15 in 10-minute intervals and you’ll rid those calories and burn fats in no time.

Duck Walks

Duck walks work your thighs, buttocks and the muscles of your legs, strengthening your lower body and improving your functionality. PLUS, it’s great for reducing calories and burning fats.

To do a Duck Walk, stand with your legs just a little wider than your hips. Lean forward slightly, bend those knees and clasp your hands together by your chest to keep your balance. With your weight on your heels, walk towards your point and back, keeping your abdominal muscles tight. Slowly stand up and rest for 30 seconds before repeating the exercise.

Uphill Sprinting

Uphill Sprinting is running on a sloped ground. Warm up first to prevent injury. 40 yards is a good distance for an Uphill Sprint.

Uphill Sprinting is a high intensity cardio exercise that burns those calories like no other. In fact, Fat Burning and Weight Loss are the biggest among its other benefits.

Jump Rope

Jump Rope is a low to moderate intensity cardio exercise that is great for muscle toning, calorie reduction and fat shedding. You’ll need a rope long enough for your size. Hold it on both ends. Swing the rope up from behind you and over your head and hop over it as it comes towards your feet. Bend those knees when you jump. Do consistently at a pace suitable for you.

Soccer, Basketball and other Sports

Playing Sports is a great way to battle the bulges. With Sports such as Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball, you run, you jump, you throw and catch, you bend, you leap, you extend, you twist and do just about every single physical movement you can think of. No other workouts put together as much combination of exercises as Sports do!

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