Exercise is generally a daunting task in the aftermath of a cardiac arrest or heart attack. A lot of survivors get worried that stressing the heart will result in another episode. However, new studies have shown that a sensible amount of physical fitness is a great way to strengthen the heart following a heart attack. Some of the benefits are improved stamina and strength, and better control of weight, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. And so, heart attack survivors that exercise regularly often need less medication, they are also much less likely to require angioplasty or bypass surgery, and are less likely to die of a second heart attack compared to those who stay sedentary.

To exercise properly and safely, heart attack survivors have to have good advice and thorough supervision. A lot of heart attack patients haven’t ever exercised before; in fact, those individuals who have been active have to know the best way to exercise safely because of their current health condition.

For most of heart attack survivors, doctors highly recommend a monitored cardiac rehabilitation program that concentrates on exercise training, as well as, nutrition and interventions and counseling to lower risks like smoking, excess weight, high blood pressure, and increased levels of cholesterol.

Doctors highly recommend 2 types of exercise for individuals who have had a heart attack: cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. On the other hand, any kind of heavy lifting must be warded off until a heart attack patient does cardiovascular exercise fruitfully for a month.

Cardiovascular exercise

Cardio exercise consists of activities like walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, rowing, and cross-country skiing. Your health care provider and the cardiac rehabilitation staff will choose the specific type and also the intensity of exercise you have to do.

Resistance training

Weight lifting or utilizing resistance bands or machines needs to be taken slowly once your health gets better. Your doctor may require you to regularly alternate resistance training exercise for a cardio workout to lessen muscle loss.

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Should you exercise after suffering a heart attack?

Being diagnosed with heart disease is tough enough on you, undergoing a heart surgery is worse. You have umpteen doubts in your mind about what your diet and whether you can exercise or not.

Before starting any exercise program, patients should complete a thorough examination, including medical history, physical examination, and a graded exercise stress test (where the intensity of the exercise is gradually increased to see the patient’s ability to exercise).

Indeed, exercise has lots of benefits. But also keep in mind that before you start any fitness regimen, you have to ask for a go signal from your doctor. In any case, if you feel that you have a heart attack symptoms when you are exercising, stop immediately and call your doctor.

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