You have been disciplined with your regular gym sessions, stuck to your workout plan, still nothing seems to be happening every time you do your weekly weigh-in. Every effort you make, you would believe that your bikini body must be within grasp at this moment, but you start to feel frustrated and on the brink quitting your gym membership.

Is your gym making you fat? Photo Credit:

Is your gym making you fat?
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Before doing it, let’s look into 3 common reasons that you aren’t getting the weight loss results you ought to get.

Cunning Marketing Schemes

Your gym knows you well. They know that you want instant results less effort that you are a little stressed and busy, do not have enough time to cook food and really like the taste of chocolates. And so, what is their solution? Promoting and marketing a super-sized protein bar or protein drink in chocolate flavor to you right after your workout, saying that it can make you strong, lean, shed fat, lose your cravings and stop you in needing to prepare a meal.

Protein drinks and protein bars are actually intended for professional sports athletes. Everyone else’s do not need these kinds of products, but the marketing strategies employed in gyms might have all of us think that we will not get results without them.

Most protein bars and drinks have far more protein compared to the average woman needs in one serve, and even when it states ‘low carb’ within the label, there is still quite a few hundred calories loaded inside – along with the artificial sweeteners.

Because of this, all the hard work that you did at the gym gets undone with just a gulp of a chocolate milk shake protein drink.

Exaggeration of Calories Burned

Gym instructors and all the posters on the gym tell you that you will burn off at least 800 calories in your weekly 45-minute spin class. The fact is that in a 45-minute spin class, an average calorie you will just burn is less than 300. This means, the class is not even half as good as it says in burning calories.

The Incorrect Workout

We often say that exercise has to be about quality instead of quantity, which it is better to utilize major movement patterns once you exercise – particularly when you want to lose weight.

Regrettably, however, many people are carrying out the wrong kind of workout at the wrong intensity to have great results.

To begin with, walking on the treadmill in a slow-paced just isn’t likely to change any weight and you are likely to get bored and lose interest before getting lean. Moreover, unless of course, you are doing body building, there is no reason for you to do a tricep dip or bicep curl ever – always be searching to complete big movement patterns such as this. In addition, you have to sweat it all out and get breathless several times per week.

Although we’d never say that you should not go to the gym, when all you just do is walk on a treadmill each week or gently cycle, then it is the perfect time to think about whether your hard earned money would be much better spent somewhere else. Just like, for example, investing more money on healthy and nutritious foods instead of a handy protein drink.

Check this article from Women’s Health:

How Gyms Make You Gain Weight

[quote style=”boxed”]You’ve been working out for months—so why is the number on the scale going in the wrong direction? Many people actually gain weight despite going to the gym, according to a recent survey by Forza Supplements.

The U.K.-based company polled 1,000 people on their diet and exercise habits and found that 26 percent of the people surveyed actually packed on pounds after they started going to the gym—although, to be fair, some people included in this group only went to the gym once a week, while others went daily. [/quote]

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The fitter and healthier you are, the greater the body becomes at burning body fat and enhancing your metabolism. But, it needs time and hard work for getting there. Never be misled from your gym’s marketing schemes – a good diet, consistency and a little bit of hard work is the thing that will get you lasting weight loss results.

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