Exercise Prolongs Your Life

What would you do if someone tells you that you can add three and a half years more to your life longevity? Well, if you’re more into logic and reason, you’d probably ask how first. But supposing we move past that and you learn that exercise is the key to longer life and the better you work at it, the more years you can add to your life?


That’s what Dr. I-Min Lee of Brigham And Women’s Hospital stated in a recent research he conducted with a team.

According to Dr. I-Min Lee, every minute you put into exercise is equivalent to seven precious minutes added to your life.

Seven minutes doesn’t seem much, but cumulatively, that’s about 3-4 added years to the life of a 78 year old who had been exercising the recommended 150 hours a week since the age of 45.  The effect is doubled when you allot more than the recommended number of minutes for your workouts.

Here’s an article on commonhealth.wbur.org discussing this further:

Yes, she confirmed, she had not calculated out the question before, but according to her data, a middle-aged person who gets the recommended 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise — defined as the level of brisk walking — can expect a 1-to-7 return: seven extra minutes of life gained for each minute spent exercising.

Doesn’t reading that make you start ticking off practical reasons why you’d now exercise? Here are some that come to mind:

Practical Reasons Why You Should Exercise

1. Exercise can give you more years to witness your kids grow.

As a parent, you’d want to see your kids grow up.

You want to live long enough to see them ride off to college and spend the holidays listening to their stories. You want to meet their future wives and serve their friends your specialty.

You want to be there when they walk the aisle and get married.  You would want to meet your grandchildren and be able to play with them.  Bottom line is, any parent will do anything to live long enough to be available for their children.

2. Exercise can give you more years to enjoy with your spouse.

Let’s face it, kids eat up most, if not all, of your time. It’s hard to get in an hour or two with your spouse and just managing to squeeze that into your itineraries is quite a challenge.

You want to live long enough for that day when the youngest kid drives off to his new life as an adult and you can finally walk by the beach with your wife. You want to be able to travel the world and finally have peaceful coffee chats and quiet dinners at the restaurant without having to check your watch all the time.

3. Exercise can give you more time to enjoy your achievements.

What’s an accomplishment if you won’t be around to savor its rewards? Sure, your spouse and kids will probably receive the benefits, but still, your wife will appreciate them more if you are by her side.

4. Exercise buys you more time to achieve more.

There’s more to achieve and more to gain. Everyday lays an opportunity to accomplish so much more. And this isn’t just about career or money, there are other purposeful gains that you can enjoy when you’re alive.

Exercise can give you the opportunity to discover, explore and try different things. The time to enjoy the things on your bucket list is when you are healthy and able, not when you’re weak and dying.

You have more years to meet new and exciting people and have the opportunity to rebuild old relationships.

Exercise can give you the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy to your children.

5. Exercise can help you be fit, healthy and strong enough to do all of the things above.

Exercise is so much more than just looking good or feeling good. Being healthy is an invaluable thing.  It’s about your life and how much exercise can give you bigger chances to be with the people whom you love and do things that truly matter.

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