A common complaint with regards to working out is the way it can cause you to feel the next day. Sore muscles can affect anyone, whether you are a novice who exercises 3 times a week or perhaps a professional athlete, yet it could be a problem if it has been awhile since last did something physical.

Muscle soreness or also referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is often felt in just a couple of hours of workout but is usually at its worst after two days. After this, the discomfort will start to alleviate but can take a few days to go completely.

When you wake up the following day and feel the soreness of your muscles because of working out too hard, you want to find ways to ease the pain. So, is there anything that you can do?

Researchers believe that they have already discovered the solution to those sore and aching muscles that we all experience after a workout – watermelon juice. Yes, that’s right. Watermelon juice not only quenches your thirst but also relieves muscles soreness.


Watermelon juice relieves muscle soreness after workout. Photo Credit: http://www.urgravity.com/


According to a new study in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the watermelon juice eases soreness in muscles because of the naturally occurring amino acid L-citrulline. It’s been long believed that watermelon juice can boost performance of athletes; however, in a recent experiment, scientist discovered that giving it to the athletes an hour prior to exercise alleviated muscle problems a lot more effectively compared to the control drink that has been used.

Read the article from Business Insider:

Muscle sores as a result of an intense workout are something that everyone has to experience to have stronger and build muscle. It is a common occurrence that we shouldn’t instantly take in a negative way. Essentially, you have to get to enjoy the soreness, and not dread from it. Keep in mind that for you to have a well-built and fit body after working out, the body should recover first.

Never allow a little muscle soreness stop you from reaching your fitness goals. In addition, be sensible and always listen to your body. If you are still in pain, stop your workout right away and seek medical help. Don’t start any nutrition or exercise program without talking to your doctor.

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