Although not recommended, some exercisers tend to exercise only during weekends – a kind of workout program labeled as ‘weekend warrior syndrome.’ This is where individuals strive to squeeze in a week’s amount of exercise in a Saturday and Sunday time period, instead of practicing their bodies progressively to perform the workouts. Sadly, these people put themselves at greater risk of injury, both chronic and acute.

Avoid The ‘Weekend Warrior’ Syndrome by Joining Boot Camp Sydney.

Avoid The ‘Weekend Warrior’ Syndrome by Joining Boot Camp Sydney.

The issue with a weekend warrior is the fact that the body is subjected to an incredible amount of physical stresses abruptly, which can result in injury. Furthermore, performing an excessive amount of exercise in a day may result in delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS that will remain in the following week.

On top of that, exercising only on weekends won’t yield results as fast or safely as expected. Doing a low-moderate intensity workout can be a great way to have an effective and safe workout. If you feel pain while working out, stop immediately.

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People who have little time to exercise can prevent the risk of injury from weekend warrior syndrome by starting slowly and gradually, and to take a break if needed. Moreover, it is best if you exercise not only on the weekends. Try to incorporate a more active lifestyle over the week.

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