No matter if you are training to be a firefighter or perhaps you are already working as one, keeping fit and in shape is extremely important. The physically demanding job of a firefighter requires you to train constantly to stay in great shape.

Firefighters have to be in shape because of their physically demanding job. Photo Credit:

Firefighters have to be in great shape due to their physically demanding job.
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Operating and lifting heavy equipment such as hoses, spades, axes and breathing apparatus usually involves upper-body muscle strength training exercises to help keep you fit and in shape. Climbing stairs and ladders while weighed down with as much as a hundred pounds of equipment or perhaps carrying someone weighing around 200 pounds will mean that your back and legs should be conditioned. Moreover, stamina is essential for firefighters because they frequently are called ahead to fight a fire for several hours at any given time with no break. Thus, building muscle strength, stamina, cardio fitness, core strength and flexibility are key components of a firefighter workout.

The Firefighters at Turlock Fire Department take their workout outdoors to make it more fun. Check out the article posted at

Firefighters Stay Fit Through Mandatory Exercise

[quote style=”boxed”]That a fire fighter needs to remain physically fit is a given. Every shift work is going to include some physical element and now the Turlock Fire Department is trying to add some fun into it.

All city departments have been embracing a health and wellness program and for the fire department that includes more offsite workouts. Recently, the crews have been spotted at city parks playing tennis, soccer and running circuits — all in the name of fitness.[/quote]

Since firefighters die usually from a heart attack as compared to smoke inhalation or any other fire-related incidences, cardiovascular fitness has to be considered a major part of an excellent firefighter workout.

Cardio Strength and Stamina Exercises:

Basically, any kind of exercise that will get your heart pumping, as well as, your body sweating during a period of time develops cardio strength and stamina. No matter if you head to a gym or perhaps jog along the street, running is a terrific way to develop cardiovascular health. If you are running, you need to run 3 to 5 miles each day to improve your cardiovascular stamina. This can be done outdoors or during a workout session in a gym on a treadmill or running machine.

Aside from building cardiovascular health, you will find more benefits of cardio exercise. Reduce stress, weight loss and breathing stamina would be the other benefits from carrying out this type of workout. Bear in mind that you could burn 300 calories just by running for half an hour. A lot of firefighters run marathons and/or triathlons in their regular cardio exercise program. Other types of cardio workout are biking, swimming, rowing, elliptical exercise machines, cross-country skiing and any other aerobic exercise classes.

Stair running is definitely an exercise crucial for firefighters, and it is an integral part of their continuing training regimen. It can be done on actual stairs or a stair-climbing machine. Maximize your workout till you can climb 60 steps for each minute for just a whole twenty minutes. As soon as you can do that, incorporate weight into your workout in increments till you can climb 60 steps for each minute for six minutes having 25 pounds. Both of these exercises are some of the firefighter fitness tests needed for certification.

Strength Building Exercise:

Bench presses are excellent workouts for developing upper-body strength. Always make use of a spotter to prevent injuries. Based on your fitness level, add weight in 5-10 pound increments till you will be able to lift 225 pounds. Lift several times as you possibly can for just one minute. Then after that, rest for 2 minutes and do it again.

Push-ups are another fantastic way for developing upper-body strength. Squats and jumping jacks have to be included to your workout because they build leg-muscle strength, as well as, core conditioning. Perform a combination workout from the 3 exercises to have a full body workout, with 10 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups and 10 squats. Continue doing this rotation for about 5 rounds.

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