Have you ever heard of high intensity interval training or HIIT?

It has been around for some time, but only has become popular and much more well-known in the past couple of years.

If you are looking for ways to add spice into your fitness program while taking your fitness to a higher level, then high intensity interval training (HIIT) is for you. HIIT is a cardiorespiratory workout method, which alternates brief speed, as well as, recovery periods to boost the overall workout intensity. HIIT can be utilized by athletes and regular exercise fanatics to achieve performance goals and also boost well-being and fitness.

By incorporating HIIT into your fitness regimen, you are able to realize amazing results in no time.

By incorporating HIIT into your fitness regimen, you are able to realize amazing results in no time.

High intensity interval training describes various set of repetitions of high and low intensity exercise routines within a fitness program. However, the high intensity workout routines must have to counterpart the resistance level at a certain point, by which oxygen supply to the muscle is controlled for anaerobic metabolic process working in your body.

Given that intense workout routines take a few minutes prior to the recovery phase, it will likely be not hard to distinguish them from other workout routines. For example, you’ll be able to sprint for a few hundred meters before getting tired and transitioning to jogging or walking. The recovery phase is very important throughout interval training since it enables your body to get enough intake of oxygen and provides rest around the muscles and then preps them for another stage of intense exercise.

Interval training utilizes several levels of intensity through the same workout. You’ll incorporate a substantially greater intensity movement to your low intensity workout program. This is often achieved in several ways to ensure that you are able to change things throughout if you notice things getting lackluster and boring, or possibly you simply enjoy something much more different.

Benefits of HIIT:

The benefits pushing yourself with high-intensity interval training are numerous, including:

  • Substantially improved anaerobic and aerobic fitness
  • Increased sensitivity of insulin and lowered fasting insulin
  • Minimized subcutaneous and abdominal fat

The amazing aspect of HIIT is it requires such a little amount of exercise. By incorporating HIIT into your fitness regimen, you are able to realize amazing results in no time that is great news for busy people.

Here’s an article from USA Today on why high intensity interval training is considered as a top fitness trend.

Top fitness trend: High-intensity interval training

[quote style=”boxed”]Workout wimps, watch out: The top two fitness trends for 2014 are high-intensity interval training, such as P90X and CrossFit, and body-weight training such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and planks, according to an annual fitness trends survey out today.[/quote]

High intensity workout regardless of any kind brings by using it a greater risk of bone and joint injuries, as well as, cardiac events. HIIT might or might not be safe for you personally. So, it is better if you consult with a doctor before incorporating it into your fitness program.

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