How You Can Determine Your Fitness Level

Probably the most significant concepts that you need to know before and during your workout program is your current fitness level. What exactly is ‘fitness level?’ Fitness level basically means the body’s ability to endure a workout program or any other physical activity and how it can recover within the time that it would likely normally take other people of the same age and sex to recuperate in the activity.

Know Your Fitness Levels at Dangerously Fit

Know Your Fitness Levels at Dangerously Fit

Experts utilize some tests to assess a person’s fitness level. Here are some of these:

Resting heart rate

This is the number of times the heart beats in a minute. It signifies how hard the heart has to function to be able to pump blood on the body. A normal rate has to be between 60-90 bpm (beats per minute).

Heart rate or pulse is often influenced by lots of factors such as stress, medications, exercise, or stimulants such as coffee. One way to get the resting pulse rate would be to measure it first thing in the morning for 3 successive days.

Heart rate after physical activity or exercise

Your heartbeat normally increases during physical activity or exercise. Try to exercise on a treadmill or stationary bike for 15 minutes and after that, get your pulse rate. Similar to the resting pulse rate, the number should go down after a while of getting to a regular cardio workout program.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a way of measuring how hard the heart needs to beat to be able to push the blood from the blood vessel. Additionally, it signifies how open the blood vessels are. The normal blood pressure reading is 120/80 although there’s an increasing consensus to specify it as 115/75. Blood pressure may differ all through the day based on some factors such as state of mind and physical activity. If it always measures higher than 140/90 during the day, for a few days, you’re considered hypertensive and must visit a physician for prescription medications in order to lower it.

A regular workout program allows you to stabilize your blood pressure by making your blood vessels rest. Again if you are hypertensive, make sure you talk to your physician about the kinds of workouts that are right for you. Your doctor may restrict you to perform strength training exercises that may result in a rapid increase in blood pressure level.

Body Fat Percentage

Generally, the greater body fat you’ve got, the more likely you are to develop ailments such as hypertension, heart disease, as well as cancer. However, this should be thought of along with other factors such as exercise and diet habits.

One way to measure your body fat is by skinfold caliper test in which the tester pinches the skin as though pulling away the fat out of the bones and muscles. It is performed on various points such as your abdomen, upper arms or perhaps the back of the shoulder. You can also measure your body fat through your BMI or your body mass index. If your result is above 25, it is considered overweight, and below 18.5, on the other hand, is considered underweight.

Check out the article from Florida Today for some tips on how you can test your fitness at your own home.

What’s your fitness level? Measure it

[quote style=”boxed”]Do you ever wonder how fit you are? If you know what fitness level you are in, you will be able to set goals to push yourself to the next level. If you hire a personal trainer or join a gym, they usually perform what is called a personal fitness profile, which requires you to perform a few exercises to determine your fitness level. Now you can do them at home.[/quote]

Each one of these factors has to be considered to find out your fitness level. Tests can be carried out by a doctor, fitness expert or a personal trainer. By calculating these indicators, you will be able to customize your workout program while focusing where it’s more needed, like cardio training, flexibility exercises or weight lifting.

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