Do you really need to buy Fitness Gadgets?

Do you really need Fitness Gadgets?

Do you really need Fitness Gadgets?

The fitness industry is keeping up with the digital times, what with all the fitness gadgets and apps that have come about.  Nowadays, it is seldom that you will find anyone, young or old, without a gadget or two on him. Cellular phones, electronic book devices, laptops and tablets are just some of the popular devices that had made its way into our culture. And since workout programs have also been trending, it is, but expected, that international companies will jump on the opportunity and introduce us to these tools.

Why are fitness digital products selling like hotcakes?

Bodymedia is a fitness gadget that helps the wearer track the number of calories that he burns in every activity that he partakes, BodyMedia would cost you about $120 apiece at Not exactly that affordable and yet, BodyMedia manufacturers are making a huge profit from it.

The answer is simple. People want to get fit but they also want to keep their expenses as low as possible. With the increase in the number of DIYs and home videos,  most particularly the ones on workouts and exercises, it’s easy for people to feel that they can just go about with a fitness plan all on their own as long as they have the necessary tools to help them achieve it. People would rather shell out $120 once than having to pay a fee of  $100 a year for gym membership and additional $70 every month just to maintain it.

More and more fitness gadgets are coming about. One of the most interesting ones is a gadget that will supposedly encourage and motivate its wearer to keep to his fitness commitment. Once the wearer fails to show up for his workout, the gadget is supposed to require him to put up money for not living up to his exercise regimen. If he is faithful to his workout schedule, he gets to earn his money back.

How effective are these gadgets?

In most aspects, these devices and apps function as their manufacturers promise.  Take for example, Nike Running tracks your running distance and your speed which matter especially to serious runners.  Knowing your running distance and speed also helps you measure how many calories you’ve burned.

Dangerously fit uses for our 6-week body challenges. Myfitnesspal is a site that allows you to check on how much calories you’ve taken in with a long list of products available with their corresponding number of calories. It also has a counter where you can check on how much you’ve burned during a particular workout.

The truth is, though, is that no gadgets, however advanced they may be, can ever take the place of human motivation. There is nothing as encouraging nor as motivating as another person urging you on and affirming you as you persist towards your goals.

Here’s a video on the different gadgets that are now available for consumers:

The latest fitness gadgets in the market

The success of your workout regimen ultimately depends on your commitment, persistence and determination and not on some new little gizmo.  However, thesefitness gadgets do come in handy, but only if you have the proper perspective on how to make good use of these tools. They are, after all, only tools.   Working out side by side with another person is much more fun and motivating than striking the strangest deal with any mini-machine.

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