A Bully Boot Camp where kids can go to learn how to stand up against bullies has been put up.

Bullying has been around for years but it is only in the recent years that people have sat up and given it as much attention as it is getting now.

Other than Self-Defence, Dangerously fit Active-After-School Program also offers Kids Boot Camp Where the kids can develop their strength, stamina…and self-confidence

Other than Self-Defence, Dangerously fit Active-After-School Program also offers Kids Boot Camp Where the kids can develop their strength, stamina…and self-confidence

Bullying organizations have been put up, guidelines on how to handle bullying are posted all over the internet, and raising awareness on bullying is big.

In this particular boot camp, kids were taught how to handle bullies and are taught practical, self defence skills.

Why Bullies Become Bullies

Bullying is a result of influence. A bully is usually someone who is being raised or who had been raised in a family where there’s a lot of shouting and anger. It is a normal everyday thing for them and it rubs off on them. Anger and intimidation becomes imbibed in their character. They usually don’t care about how other feels because at home, they feel that they get the same thing.

Many times, kids become bullies by what they see. They copy it from something or someone, whether it’s a show they just watched or if they see a trusted adult doing the same thing.

Kids who are deprived of attention from their parents and are made to sit by the television to watch every single day are prone to develop unguided principles that they misconstrue on the shows that they watch. If not carefully monitored, a child can easily misunderstand the concept of “having power and control”.

Another reason, and the most dangerous one, for people to become bullies is when they’ve been bullied themselves. School shooting and killings are mostly done by people who had been distressed by years of being bullied and have decided to put a stop to it by killing their aggressors and everyone else they felt should pay for their suffering.

Here’s the article on the new bully boot camp on WDBJ7:

Bully Boot camp In Salem

Tom Ramsey teaches self defense classes, and started this bully boot camp two years ago.

Ramsey uses realistic scenarios to help teach kids non- violent conflict resolution skills.

Bully Boot Camp 101: How To Handle Bullies

1. Avoid The Bully

Definitely, do not run away or hide from them, and you should absolutely not skip classes because of them; but if you can spare yourself time-wasting confrontations with the bully, do so.

If you see them far ahead, go a different route.

2. Go In Numbers

The more you are, the better. Why? Defence is stronger when there are many of you. Besides, bullies are hesitant about attacking groups.

Another is that you have witnesses in case your parents will have to file a case against the bully in the future.

3. Tell An Adult

This may seem “un-cool” if you’re in your preteens or teenage years, but this can actually put a stop to the bullying and protect you from getting hurt further. Tell your mom, the principal, a cop on the street, or whoever is there that can intervene in your situation.

4. Stand Up For Yourself

When the bully starts on you, put your hands up and speak in a firm, loud voice, “No! Stop!” Sometimes, bullies are only playing on intimidation even if they’re not aware that it is that that they’re doing.

5.Lean Self-Defence Skills

It’s good to acquire skills that may come in handy especially when you’re going to be attacked physically. This can save your life.

The Bully Boot Camp is a great idea but at the end of the day, parents should take responsibility for their children and spend time each day to teach their children good values, correct and discipline them.

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