Kids Nutrition and Fitness go hand in hand

Kids Boot Camp companies are urging parents to start paying attention to their children’s fitness and nutrition. With parents busy with their jobs, keeping tabs on what their children do and eat has become quite challenging. For some, their demanding schedules have become an excuse to be lax when it comes to matters concerning their children’s poor eating habits and lack of exercise and other physical activities.

Kids' Fitness and Nutrition Must Be Top Priority

Kids’ Fitness and Nutrition Must Be Top Priority

We are living in the digital age, otherwise known as the Age of “Instant”; thus, the proliferation of fast food chains, canned food and microwaveable dishes. It seems simpler and so much easier to just strip off the plastic cover from the pack and pop in a pre-set meal in the microwave instead of consciously and deliberately preparing a complete and nutritious meal for our children. Picnics and barbecues are now often replaced by store-bought burgers and fries.

Exercise is also being neglected. Television shows and DVD players have become convenient babysitters and letting our kids spend hours and hours on video games have become an easy escape route from having to keep an eye on our children playing in the yard, in the street or taking them to the nearby playground.

But the fact is that convenient does not necessarily mean beneficial. Children suffer from malnutrition and the ill-effects of lack of physical activities.

This have raised the concerns of many nutritionists and fitness experts. Dangerously fit Boot Camp is one of the fitness companies that have come up with programs especially designed for children. These programs not only involve physical activities like game-type exercises, yoga and sports, Dangerously fit Kids After School Activity Program also seeks to educate and guide the children and their parents on how to go about food choices and intake. Having enough physical activities and eating the right amount of food is vital and essential to a child’s development.

Bootcamps promote Kids' Fitness and Nutrition

Bootcamps promote Kids’ Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness bootcamp improves fitness among local kids

Macquarie Port News reports on how a kids’ fitness bootcamp is helping raise parents’ awareness of their kids’ health and nutrition:

Tiger crawls, tug-of-war and tough tactics are all part of an innovative military-style program Mr Lawlor hopes will help get local littlies in shape.

His kids bootcamp – targeted at children aged six to 16 – is designed to inspire children to lead healthy lifestyles and foster a love of active living. He said the hour-long classes focused specifically on fun activities that “make kids tick”.

Local mum and healthy living advocate Dawn Marchment has been blow away by the benefits of getting her kids active

You can know more about the story here.

With Bootcamps or without, you are the biggest influence in your children’s lives. We are able to teach our children the most not by what we say to them but by what we show them. If you like to spend all your spare time sprawled lazily on a beanbag in front of the television while binge-ing on junk food and sodas, your children will most likely do the same. Living a healthy lifestyle starts with you.

Dangerously fit offers bootcamps for both adults and children. Know more about Dangerously fit Kids Active After School programs and sign up with us through our official website at Kids Boot Camp