Youth Boot Camps for Teen Offenders

It seems that the juvenile justice system has opted for a more radical way in rehabilitating youth offenders. Judges have now agreed to consider sending off teenage lawbreakers to youth boot camps instead of the traditional detention centers. As expected, this action draws several reactions. Is sending these troubled teens to boot camps the answer? Will it restore and re-establish them into being good and law-abiding citizens?

Youth boot camps may help juvenile lawbreakers

Youth boot camps may help juvenile lawbreakers

Sending teenagers to boot camps as a disciplinary action is nothing new. Parents all across Canada have been sending their troubled sons and daughters to militaristic boot camps hoping that living a rigid life without the comforts and luxuries of home will teach them to appreciate the things that they do have.

For years, participation in sports and other physical activities by teenagers have been reported to be beneficial and successful. While militaristic ways of rehabilitation may pose its rewards, it may be that fitness boot camps are the more effective rehabilitation program for juvenile offenders.

Youth Boot Camps May Help Juvenile Lawbreakers

If a teenager is a substance user, being in a fitness boot camp for teens and away from peer influence will help in the detoxification process. The rigorous physical activities and workouts will get their minds off the addiction and bring their focus on something much more productive.

Fitness boot camps for teens will help instill in them the discipline of the athletes – working hard, acquiring the right habits, taking on the right perspective to be able to achieve a goal.

Participating in a fitness boot camp for teens will restore their confidence in themselves and in others. They will have to learn to work well with others and learn to accept help as well, re-establishing in them the sense of community and camaraderie.

Many juvenile lawbreakers started with a broken sense of self-worth. A fitness boot camp for teens will motivate and challenge them to go beyond their physical capabilities from which they may gain back their confidence in every workout milestone that they accomplish.

Fitness bootcamps for teens will give them a reason to smile, to relax and to have fun, to enjoy their youth.

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Judges give a go on Youth boot camps

Since January 31, local magistrates have had the option of sentencing young offenders to the rehabilitation camp instead of sending them to detention centres.

While authorities are tight-lipped about the boot camp’s location, a spokeswoman for Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said the first intake of offenders was due to attend the camp in the third week of February.

Boot camps in Cairns and the Gold Coast will accommodate 80 juveniles as part of the $2 million, two-year trial.

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