Every child must be taught about exercise and nutrition and to value their health at an early age. Obesity has grown to be a huge problem among children, and kids are more and more prone to acquiring health problems like heart ailments, hypertension, Diabetes, respiratory diseases and cancer.

The problem with some parents is that they leave the education of their children to the school, instead of being hands on in teaching their children about the importance of physical activity and the right foods and how it will affect their lives.

Let Your Children See That You Value Exercise And Nutrition

Let Your Children See That You Value Exercise And Nutrition

It doesn’t necessarily have to be as profound as it sounds, really. But children need to be trained young so that they will develop the habit of a healthy lifestyle.

Teaching children has a different dynamic than it is with adults. They are mostly influenced by the people they trust;  and who better for them to depend on but their dads and moms?

Here are some ways to teach kids about fitness and nutrition:

Educating Kids About The Value Of Exercise And Nutrition

1.Provide healthy snack alternatives.

If you provide them with fruits and nuts, instead of chips and chocolate chip cookies, they are most likely to develop a taste for them.

Many kids prefer junk food because it’s what they’ve been exposed to. It may take time to curb their preference for chips and candies but eventually, they will appreciate the healthier options if you start providing it to them. Start with apples, mangoes, avocados and melons, kids like those.

2. Purposely schedule a time for outdoor playing.

Maia  from Manila schedules her sons’ daily activities. Use of multi-media (TV, Ipad, Sega, Computer games, X-games, etc.) is scheduled for only a maximum of 2 hours a day. She practically pushes her sons out to the yard and encourages them to play, even if she has to take to shooting hoops or playing tag herself.

When you regulate your children’s multi-media time and participate in their games, they tend to enjoy it more and develop a love for it.

3.  Be a living example of someone who leads a healthy and active lifestyle.

If they see that you value your health, they will, too. So, start eating right, and exercise. Take your children jogging with you and eat the food that you’re encouraging them to it.

If you yourself will not drink the power drinks that you’re forcing them to drink, they will wonder why.

Here’s an article on GMA News Online:

Encourage Kids To Exercise

DOH Metro Manila director Eduardo Janairo on Friday urged parents of children aged five to 10 to encourage physical activity and regular exercise.

“Let us start our children early to value the importance of physical activity like riding bikes, playing tag, or playing ball. It helps keep the balance the body needs in burning the excess fats stored in the body,” Janairo said.

Exercise and nutrition are two of the most important things that children must learn while they are still receptive to being taught. Teaching them young is training them to develop habits that will affect them on a long term.  They will thank you later when they realize the benefits of what you’ve taught them when they are grown.

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