semi private personal trainingGood morning!

Today is Tuesday April 17th and it’s a beautiful Autumn morning here in Sydney – Australia.

Slightly drizzly… the best time to lace up those runners and go for a run.

I finished boot camp on Bondi Beach this morning and smashed out a quick 20-minute kettlebell workout and now I’m feeling great.

No matter what I have going on in my life, whether I’m stressed out, lacking motivation or just feeling a bit down, after a tough workout I’m as good as new.

Everything just get’s easier and it seems the harder I train, the better I feel afterwards and the more stress I can handle throughout the day.

I believe there is a relationship between physical discipline and mental discipline.

The mind and body are connected and when you train your body, you’re simultaneously training your mind.

Conquer your body through exercise and you will conquer your mind.

Physical exercise gives you the mental toughness to keep driving forward when times get tough and to conquer other challenges in your life.

The purpose of exercise isn’t just about looking better, it’s about raising your awareness of thoughts and increasing your energy so you vibrate at a higher frequency.

Those of you that understand this know that you can beat depression and banish negative thoughts from your mind.

But, those who choose NOT to conquer their body will lack the energy, mental toughness and clarity of thought to operate at 100% of their capability.

If you need some mind medicine then I have the perfect prescription for you.

Head on over to my exercise pharmacy at and register today for my $1-two week boot camp trial.

Train hard!

Danger Dan

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