Lose Weight Fast with The 2-Day Diet

Almost all diet programs work – at first. Unfortunately, the problem is sticking to them. Being obese or overweight is associated to several health conditions, such as cancer, and furthermore yo-yo dieting simply makes things much worse. Those who have dieted successfully are aware that it is not only about determination. There are actually physical reasons as to why, after some time of dieting, our body gets more immune to losing weight. Through contemplating on this problem, Dr. Michelle Harvie designed a revolutionary new way of losing weight – The 2-Day Diet. In a trial among 100 women who tried the diet program lost as many pounds and attained the same benefits as those that tried a conventional, full-time, controlled 1,500 calories in a day diet plan.

The 2-Day Diet: Diet Two Days a Week. Eat Normally for Five Photo Credit: 2daydietblog.blogdetik.com

The 2-Day Diet: Diet Two Days a Week. Eat Normally for Five
Photo Credit: 2daydietblog.blogdetik.com

Dr. Harvie found the best thing about the 2-day approach is its efficiency and simplicity. There are absolutely no particular foods to prepare, no measuring or weighing, and with no confusing calorie counting. For just two successive days in a week, you consume something like 2 pints of semi-skimmed milk, 4 servings of vegetables and 1 serving of fruit, no less than 2 pints of other low-calorie drinks along with a mineral tablet and multi-vitamin. The diet program is devised by dieticians, and a lot of women have found it quite not hard to follow. Over the 2 milk days, you just take up 650 calories, yet on other days try to eat sensibly.

Though this new diet approach does not fit with everyone, 45 percent of those women who tried the approach dropped a lot of weight and kept it off for about a year. On the other hand, some individuals in the trial had complaints on feeling hungry over milk days, as well as those who are on the calorie-controlled diet. After 6 months of adopting the 2 Day Diet, lots of women had lower levels of C-reactive protein, leptin, and insulin.

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Latest Dieting Trend – The 2-Day Diet

Diet for just two days: It’s the revolutionary way to lose that weight

The diet can also help improve your eating habits; it shows you how to eat in a different way. Over the low-calorie days, the amount of food meets the amount of calories it has. You are not consuming lots of high-calorie stuffs that are often small and will not satiate you, and give you the wrong notion of how unhealthy food is. Furthermore, on the other day, you will be working on a nutritious Mediterranean diet. Within the two days of calorie control, it can also help you to consume more slowly as you would like to make the food last. Therefore, after some time, you train yourself self-control and a different eating habit that will help you to consume less.

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