Physical Fitness and Law Enforcement

Obesity is a result of sedentary lifestyles with poor and unhealthy diets. Those who are overweight or obese have to know what causes obesity and its health risk. There are lots of harmful effects of obesity towards the health of an individual. It may lead to the development of several illnesses like cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and type II diabetes. If these conditions develop and obesity will not be treated, it can result in an earlier death.

Obesity is probably the leading public health issue in most countries. Even police officers or law enforcers are not exempted to this. The unfortunate thing is that a lot of people have the perception that policeman, particularly those in big cities, as overweight officers who are more likely to be seen at the donut shops throughout daily patrol hours. This impression is also made worse by citizen remarks on police officers who huffed and puffed pursuing suspects only to lose them in the long run. The notion has damage the reputation of police more than the scandals that seldom happen. Rather than being an icon of public trust, they turned out to be an object of ridicule.

Fitness in Law Enforcement

Fitness in Law Enforcement

Physical fitness is definitely necessary for police work. Their job may need some great mind work for dealing with crimes but, in terms of arresting a suspect giving justice to victims, fitness is really as significant as the investigating abilities. Policemen need to ensure that they have a healthy and fit body even after their academy days. As time passes, the stress and strains of their career may get more heavy and challenging. Besides the physical standards to accomplish effective police function, a fit body may help a policeman of having an excellent emotional and mental state. Being in good shape gives them confidence, necessary whenever they deal with people.

Here’s an account from The West on how police officers should address their obesity problems.

Fit for the Job – Police Fitness

Fitness tests to combat police obesity
For the civilian to depend on its police officers, it is crucial that the authorities are physically and mentally fit. Actually, having a fit body is essential and part of the procedures that every policeman has to follow. Which can be done by ensuring that, in spite of the irregular working hours; they could still have time to head to the fitness center for workouts. They should always bear in mind that with a fit body, they could get respect from the public.
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