Brit Fitness Instructor Killed By Drug-Crazed Dutch

A British Fitness Instructor was recently stabbed to death in India. 24-year old Sarah Groves was staying at a houseboat-type hotel inSrinagarfor about a month before she was murdered by Dutch Richard De Wit who checked into the hotel two days prior to the incident. De Wit was allegedly high on heroin.

Sarah Groves, a native of Guernsey, worked for a gym at the five-star Old Government House Hotel in St. Peter Port. Before she left the island, she posted on her Facebook page, “’Quit your job, buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love, never return.”

Fitness Instructor Sarah Groves Gave Her Attacker A Hard Fight But Didn't Survive The Wounds On Her Neck And Lung CC by Walt Stoneburner,

Fitness Instructor Sarah Groves Gave Her Attacker A Hard Fight But Didn’t Survive The Wounds On Her Neck And Lung
CC by Walt Stoneburner,

She only planned to stay in Srinagar for a couple of days but met and fell in love with Saeed Shoda, the son of the owner of the houseboat hotel. Her boyfriend was out visiting friends on the night of the murder. It was Saeed’s brother who found the fitness instructor’s lifeless body in her room after his father sent him to check on the noise that they heard.

Fitness Instructor Fought Her Attacker

According to the police, Sarah Groves had 45 stab wounds, but that most of them were found to be defensive wounds; the personal trainer had fought back hard against her attacker but didn’t survive the knife going through one of her lung and another on her neck.

The British fitness coach is said to be a climber and had participated in a climb at Mount Kilimanjaro for the benefit of children inAfrica. Before her death, she and her boyfriend, Saeed, were planning on going on a holiday trek.

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British Fitness Instructor Killed In Srinagar

A Dutch tourist has confessed to killing a British fitness instructor on aKashmirhouseboat, Indian police claimed on Sunday.A post mortem examination found that Sarah Groves had bled to death from 45 stab wounds and witnesses said the scene was covered in blood.

Richard De Wit, 43, from Holland, was arrested in the early hours of Saturday after he fled the New Beauty houseboat where the 24-year-old personal trainer from Guernsey was found dead.

Perhaps, if the knife had not punctured a lung or had penetrated that vein in her neck; or maybe if help as able to make it to her room in time, the young fitness instructor would have lived. Police files show that she gave her murderer a good fight.

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