If a woman has to be in great shape, as well as, in her most healthy self, that moment must be when she’s pregnant. Being pregnant requires lots of responsibility sue to the fact that anything you do and what you drink and eat, you’ll be either helping or perhaps harming the baby in your womb. Knowing the proper diet for pregnancy can make the baby much healthier, as well.

Among the very first thing that a woman should be aware of is the fact that there’s a particular diet they have to follow throughout their pregnancy. All you consume affects you and your baby, and to be able to ensure you both remain healthy, you have to be cautious about your diet. You must have a well-balanced diet, with foods from each food group along with the proper intake of vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

All of the essential nutrients are transported to your baby by the placenta; however, you must also have the right consumption of nutrients to be able to keep your body working properly and also to avoid some parts of your body from struggling with the changes you’re experiencing.

In the case of a pregnant blogger from Australia, she has sparked concerns that she’ll jeopardize her growing baby by following an extreme diet in the course of her pregnancy. Her diet consists of just raw fruits, vegetables and juices. A 25-year old, Loni Jane Anthony, from the Gold Coast, is now under fire pushing a radical vegan diet that allows her to eat basically only fruit, which includes up to 20 bananas each day.

Mom-to-be Loni Jane Anthony Photo: Instagram

Mom-to-be Loni Jane Anthony
Photo: Instagram

According to her, she followed a diet plan that is an adaptation of the ‘80:10:10’ diet developed by Doug Graham who is a US Doctor, having an 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein and 10% fat. Read the rest of her story published at shine.yahoo.com.

Pregnant Woman on Raw-Food Diet Causes Controversy

[quote style=”boxed”]Can a pregnant woman be healthy on a raw vegan diet? It’s a question being beaten to a pulp following a recent interview with Australian designer Loni Jane Anthony, 25, an expectant mother, who discusses her adherence to such a diet — including her tendency to consume 10 bananas for breakfast and 6 mangoes for lunch. The strict eating regimen has made Anthony, also a photographer with more than 103,000 Instagramfans, the subject of public scorn, with some deriding her for endangering both herself and her baby.[/quote]

Women that are pregnant require more protein, folate, iron, as well as, iodine; however, only just a little energy increase. Small frequent snacks might help relieve morning sickness or nausea. Alcohol consumption throughout pregnancy might affect your growing baby.

Several women worry about the added weight gain of being pregnant and choose to eat moderately in order to avoid gaining body fat. Limited eating or also known as crash dieting in any form during pregnancy can severely endanger your health and your baby, as well.

While pregnant, added dietary support is essential for the normal development and growth of the baby inside the mother’s womb. A well-balanced diet for pregnancy is vital for the reason that each nutrient plays a huge role in the health, not just of the baby but of the mother, as well. Therefore, every expectant mother should be aware of the proper diet to guarantee the baby’s health from conception to childbirth.

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