Alexis Wright seemed like a regular Zumba fitness instructor until the community of people from Portland found out that everything that they were seeing had been a lie. Behind it all is a thriving prostitution business.

Ms. Wright will be facing the charges against her which included engaging in prostitution, promotion of prostitution, conspiracy with her “business” partner, tax evasion and theft by deception, among others.

Zumba Fitness Instructor Alexis Wright Is Expecting A 10-Month Jail Sentence On May 31 CC by roanokecollege,

Zumba Fitness Instructor Alexis Wright Is Expecting A 10-Month Jail Sentence On May 31
CC by roanokecollege,

Alexis Wright attended college at night and was teaching dance fitness classes in the local parks and recreation centers before striking up a deal with insurance agent, Mark Strong, Sr.

Mark Strong was jailed for 20 days and faces charges that include the promotion of prostitution.

Here’s the article on CBS News:

Fitness Instructor And Her Business Partner Kept Videos And Ledgers

The messages between fitness instructor Alexis Wright and insurance agent Mark Strong Sr. were obtained Tuesday through a records request by the. The communications included spreadsheets Wright used to keep track of her clients, with names, dates, times, sex acts and payments.

Wright pleaded guilty last month to 20 counts including prostitution for using her studio in Kennebunk, a village known more for its sea captains’ homes and beaches than for crime, as a front for prostitution. Strong was convicted of 13 counts.

Fitness Instructor Accused Of Pornography And Exhibitionism

Alexis Wright was found to have been recording her “client encounters” with a camera without their consent or knowledge.

Evidences that had been gathered against the fitness instructor and her “business partner” included ledgers of how much money she’s been paid with, what services she had provided and so forth, to recorded conversations with these men. Her list of “clients” included a former mayor, a hockey placer, a minister, and a lawyer.

According to a Huffington Post report, Mark Strong, Sr had been “overseeing” these sex videos through his office computer 100 miles away. He is a married man with two children and a successful businessman, with an above-thriving insurance agency in Thomaston.

A single mom, 30-year old Ms. Wright had pleaded guilty to all 20 counts, expecting a sentence of 10 months in jail. Her business partner, on the other hand, has served 15 days in jail and was released this month. His lawyers provided a picture of a man who have not profited from the prostitution operation set up at the Kennebunk fitnessstudio and was only heavily infatuated with a younger woman, causing him to make bad moral decisions.

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