We are in the last couple of months of warm weather here in Sydney, now that Easter has arrived the days are beginning to draw in.

With all the summer BBQ’s & parties out of the way it’s time to focus on you and your fitness goals, with1/3rd of 2014 already gone are you on track to reaching yours?

Speaking of which we just finished up our most successful 6 Week Body Transformation ever, with 5 people losing over 10% of their bodyweight in just 6 weeks and dozens more reaching their ideal weight.

I love seeing the transformations that take place during the 6 week challenge, members begin Week-1 feeling slightly nervous, a little unsure of themselves and a few kilos overweight… then emerge 6 weeks later beaming with confidence and looking and feeling great.

It just goes to show what the power of focus and following a specific plan can do.

And congratulations to our DF Elite ‘Dangerous Spartans’ for completing the Spartan Race. I’m told this 7km race was even harder than the 21km Tough Mudder Race last spring – awesome effort team!

personal trainer in sydney

The DF Elite Crew at the Spartan Race

It’s gonna be a busy Autumn with 3 new programs coming up, and we here at Dangerously Fit can’t wait for the training to begin and to seeing you all at the next 6 week Body challenge and DF Elite classes.

I’ll leave you with a quick tip, Jim Rohn famously said, “We are the average of the 5 people that we spend the most time with”. Who do you spend your time with? Are they part of the 63% of the population that are overweight? Or do they eat clean and train hard?

Why not join the Dangerously Fit ‘Fitness Community’ and surround yourself with likeminded people focused on challenging themselves, being the best they can be and enjoy feeling healthy. What better place for you to be to make your fitness goals a reality!

Train hard!

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit


Dangerously Fit 6 Week Body Transformation


6 week body tranformation Sydney

The Dangerously Fit 6 Week Body Crew – Week 1

Congratulations to our new 6 week body winners Nick Barnett and Linda Hungerford.

A very close finish on the final weigh in day with 5 people dropping over 10% of their bodyweight during the 6 week challenge.

Here are the top 3 results for the ladies…

3rd Position = Dani Harvey lost 5.4 kilos and 9.5% of her bodyweight.
2nd Position = Nadine Carroll lost 8.6 kilos and 10.8% of her bodyweight.
1st Position = Linda Hungerford lost 10 kilos and 11.2 of her bodyweight.

And the top 3 results for the mens…

3rd Position = Rob Reynolds lost 10.2 kilos and 10% of his bodyweight.
2nd Position =  Peter Watkins lost 11.4 kilos and 11.2% of his bodyweight.
1st Position = Nick Barnett lost 13 kilos and 13.1% of his bodyweight.

And big up to Peter Watkins who lost 11.4Kg (11.2% of his bodyweight),  Michael O’Leary who lost 9.5Kg (9.8%) Barry Woollam who lost 9.8Kg (9.3%), Cameron Calvert who lost 9Kg (8.5%) and Brooke Purcell who lost 7.8Kg (9.4%) and all this happened in just 6 weeks! 

Our next 6 Week Body Transformation starts May 3rd, it’s free for all Dangerously Fit members on the 3 Month Package and $497 to Non-DF members. You can get more info here www.6weekbody.com.au.

If you would like to join us for our next challenge be sure to register now as we only have 150 spots available. This newsletters goes out to over 9,000 people and our last challenge sold out within one week turning a number of people away that signed up too late – so book your spot now at admin (at) dangerouslyfit.com.au or call 02 9300 8572. Registration closes 6pm Friday 24th April.

Here are our Last Winners Nick and Linda… click on the videos below to hear their stories… 



DF Elite


The Tough Bloke Challenge is a rope swinging, mud crawling, leg busting obstacle course from hell!
Do you have what it takes to conquer 20+ hair raising obstacles including the infamous Hells Gate?

The DF Elite crew are back again with a new training program starting May 3rd, this time we’re entering the Tough Bloke Challenge… http://toughblokechallenge.com.au/.

The DF Elite ‘Tough Bloke challenge’ 6 week training program will incorporate all the strength and cardio training you need to complete the event. This is a great event for beginners to enter before the bigger races kick off in spring. Classes run from 7am – 8.30am Saturday mornings and are free for Dangerously Fit members ($147 to Non-DF members). Email admin (at) dangerouslyfit.com.au to book your spot.

Check out the Tough Bloke Challenge promo video…

separator City to Surf

Autumn always brings the start of running season here in Sydney with the half marathon, City2Surf and Bridge run all coming up in up in the next few months.

If you need to work on your running skills be sure to join our specialized running program. The training incorporates fartlek, interval, time trials and endurance training and is suitable for beginner and advanced members. Classes start May 3rd and will be held on Saturdays at 8.30am in Sydney Eastern Suburbs.

separatorEaster Opening times:

Easter Friday (18th April):

Saturday (19th April):
Normal schedule (Click here)

Easter Monday: (21st April):
The following classes will be open…
Balmain – 6am
Balmoral – 6am
Coogee – 6.15am
Ruschutters Bay – 6am
Mortdale – 6am

Anzac Day (25th April):

separatorPhoto Gallery

6 Week Body

The green team talking strategy to win the game..

6 Week Body Week 1 Centennial Park

6 Week Body Week 2 Queens Park Rope Mania

6 Week Body Week 3 Supa Centre Supahills

6 Week Body Week 4, Cooper Park, Stairway to Heaven.

6 Week Body Week 5, The Famous Cronulla Sand Dunes

6 Week Body Week 6, The Final

Spartan Training

Spartan Week 1 Kippax Lake

Spartan Week 2 Queens Park

Spartan Week 3 Cooper Park Stairs

Spartan Week 4 The Supa Hill

Spartan Week 5, Vertical Limit at Cronulla Sand Dunes

Spartan Week 6 Kippax Lake 2.0

Spartan Week 7 Balmoral Beach

Spartan Week 8 Bondi Beach

Spartan Finish Line

Spartan The well deserve medals!


Dangerously  Fit T-shirts for Sale

Dangerously Fit T-shirts are now for sale, choose your colour;  
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CEO Corner (Chief Entertainment Officer)

Killian & Mr McAree at the races

Welcome to the second CEO corner!  It has been a busy few months since we last spoke but rest assured I have been working away tirelessly in the background to discover new weird and wonderful locations for post Dangerously Fit Event hydration!  A big congratulations to the 6 Week Body winners some amazing results and I must say a great team effort by Team Orange in winning the Team event, obviously had to mention that given I was part of it!

We celebrated the end of the 6WB with a visit to Randwick Racecourse for the St. Patrick’s Raceday.  A recipe for success let the Irish in for free and have cheap Guinness.  It was great to see some new faces there for the social events and the general consensus was a great day was had by all – even if some members did get led astray by Mr McAree into the wee small hours!

Next up was the cumulation of a long hard training program for Spartan.  We descended en mass from Maroubra and Bondi in Franc’s Big Red Tank and the journey there was almost as much fun as the race.  The race caters to all levels and race objectives from Jeremy and his mission to beat ‘Commando’ into submission [he did], myself and my pre-race hydration of a Toohey’s and even a special children’s race on the day!  The general consensus was what a great team event it was and despite the mud and pain everyone was very keen to do another race.  New friendships were made and old ones strengthened.  Look out on the Facebook pages for details of upcoming races and the next training program.

KillianI will be back with details of the next events so keep an eye on Facebook, possibly pre the next 6WB at the end of April.  There is talk of activity weekends away, a Dangerously Fit meal out and plenty more to come.  While we all come to Bootcamp to train hard the events give a great opportunity to enjoy each others company away from the blood, sweat and tears!  Until then train hard and see you all at Bootcamp soon.

DF CEO (Dangerously Fit Chief Entertainment Officer)



Lastly…. a big thank you to everyone that referred a friend to Dangerously Fit. We rely on word of mouth and appreciate you helping us spread the word. Remember, if you refer a friend to Dangerously Fit and they sign up…. you’ll receive a 50% discount off your next month!

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Till next month.

Train Hard!

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit