Fitness through the years

People are always on a lookout for something new. Even when it comes to fitness and health, people always want to try out something new to see if it would work better and bring in better results.

This is why the fitness industry has grown so much through the years. In the 80s, aerobics and jazz dance were the “future” of exercise; but in the years that followed, there came Belly dancing and Pole dancing, Hip hop abs, Zumba and many other group exercise sessions. Nowadays, bootcamps are big and for a good reason, too.

With proper technique, Stand Up Paddle Boarding Is A Great Full Body Workout CC by maikbaird,

With proper technique, Stand Up Paddle Boarding Is A Great Full Body Workout
CC by maikbaird,

So, it’s no longer a surprise that Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is steadily rising in popularity, not only among sports enthusiasts, but also among fitness buffs.

Stand Up Paddling Fitness

What exactly is Stand up paddling? To make it simple, you need a paddle board, a paddle and waters to paddle on like the ocean, lakes or even river rapids, depending on your level of skill. Basically, you stand up in the middle of the board and paddle left or right and alternating while you keep your balance as you tackle waves.

Here’s an article on that explains more about the sport:

SUP For Fitness

“Being on the water in any capacity offers valuable head space, thinking time, can cure bad moods, tiredness I find it provides great problem-solving time as it provides clarity” says Sophie Morgan of Oz Paddle in Sydney. Sophie first tried paddle boarding in Europe in 2007 and now incorporates SUP into her fitness classes on offer at Woolloomooloo and Rose Bay.

“If done correctly, you will work your whole body and most of the work is within your core area. It is excellent strength work as you are moving along the water using the power of your body to move the weight of your body and the board.”

Think of a stand up paddleboard like a windsurfer without the sail. Paddle boarders stand in the centre of the board and use a long paddle with handle to navigate their way across the water. It is far easier to pick up than surfing, not as strenuous as wind surfing and excellent for core muscles and stability.

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Benefits of Stand up paddling

Chiropractor, Luke Egan enumerates the many benefits of Stand up paddling beginning with what he says should be the main focus of our workouts: Balance and Motion.

30-45 minutes of Stand up paddling gives you a good combination of cardiovascular workout and strength training.

The constant movement to find your balance as the paddle board goes on uneven waters is a workout in itself. It also targets your shoulder muscles and the muscles in your back, aside from the arms and the wrist; and as well as your legs, thighs and calves.

Stand up paddling is also therapeutic in nature. When you’re out in the waters, your mind automatically clears which contributes to the wellbeing of your mind, body and soul.

Precautions in Stand up paddling fitness

Know how to swim

If you’re taking up Stand up paddling, make sure that you know how to swim. You need to know how to take yourself to shore independently or be able to swim to a safety vessel. Do not ever assume that your personal trainer or the people around you will be able to keep you safe. The waters can get unpredictable; you need to be ready to haul yourself to safety with less or no help from anyone else.

Always inform someone of your whereabouts

If you’re brave enough to venture out farther by yourself, make sure that someone on the shore will be able to provide information on the direction you’ve taken or your whereabouts in cases of emergencies.  They need to know where to look for you.

Always have a safety leash attaching you to your paddle board

The leash that you wear on one of your ankles attaching you to the paddle board is for your safety. It helps you find your way back to your paddle board if you get washed aboard and it can help you control it from hitting other people if it gets swept from under you.

Fitness can be in any form. The good thing about Stand up paddling is that anyone can do it. With good and proper technique, it can be a very effective tool for weight loss and in building up ones strength and stamina.

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