A lot has changed in personal training through the years. While working out was reserved for bodybuilders, celebrities and families of wealth and influence in the past, nowadays anyone, whatever status they may have, can sign up for a fitness program of choice.


A lot has changed in personal training through the years.

Personal Training In The 80s And Farther Back

In the 80s, personal training would mean men with big bulk on well-oiled skin; colourful thong leotards on women were a hit and leg warmers were the in thing in fitness fashion.

Jane Fonda was the face of exercise and aerobics exercises was the biggest fat-burning workout method. Women were not expected to visit the gym but they sweat their butts off along with friends, right in the comforts of their living room, in front of the video player.

If you check further back in time, women’s fitness were even more not taken seriously. Fitness centers were called figure salons and there were all these tiny machines that were being sold to help women reduce such as rolling machine, much like a rolling pin, which was rolled on a woman’s problem area to “roll away the fat”.

It was definitely a time for machines as workouts were aided by different kinds of equipment and products, including a number of ridiculous ones such as a thigh vibrator that was supposed the shake the fats off that those thighs through its vibrating function.

Improvement In Personal Training In The 90s

The 80s workouts had brought in a huge wave of injury cases that the 90s began to focus on correcting what was done wrong in the previous years. Personal trainers focused on correcting posture and balancing muscle groups. Functional training was also introduced, signifying the relevance of getting into a fitness program to a person’s daily tasks and responsibilities.

There was also emphasis on bringing fitness programs back to the basics. While all kinds of equipment, big or small, were reaping sales in the previous decade, the 90s introduced the less expensive and less intimidating stability balls and resistance bands to take the place of these machines.

Personal Training Now

Fitness have evolved along with technological progress.  Workout videos have been sidestepped by online and web-based workouts and exercises services such as that of Michelle Bridges’ 12-week transformation program.

Outdoor fitness had boomed, even making it to the headlines as a more traditional fitness expert labels it “middle-class”.  Fitness programs for all ages – for kids, for teens, for adults, for older adults, have sprouted along with an assortment of available services to choose from: Martial arts, sports, Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, Circuit Training, Crossfit and Boxfit and many more.

On top of it all, physical outlets have been created such as extreme fitness events and revamped marathons. This is the golden age of personal training and fitness.

Here’s an article on The Sydney Morning Herald:

The Evolution Of Personal Training

Personal training will continue to change in the coming years. New methods and new equipment will be introduced, and some will eventually be phased out. Trends will come and go, it is a lucrative business and is potentially growing more and more every year.  But what’s more important is that people have increasingly learned to value their health.

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