Gripping Positions

There are five ways to grip the sandbag;

1. Neutral grip
2. Wide grip
3. Parallel grip
4. Carry grip
5. Bag grip

The sandbag is a versatile training tool and ideal for a large variety of pressing, pulling and ballistic type movements. The different handle options allow the bag to be used several ways, challenging different muscle groups, and targeting all planes of movement.

Pressing: Pressing the bag with the close grip handles will engage the triceps more whilst a wide grip will target the deltoids more. Ultimately, you should choose a grip which feels most comfortable to you.

Pulling: Rowing exercises performed with the close grip handles are excellent for developing the lats (latissimus dorsi) whilst wide grip rows will target the trapezoid, rhomboid and rear deltoid muscles more. Ultimately, you should use both grips to target all the back muscles equally.

Ballistic: Ballistic exercises such as the clean, high-pull and snatch can be performed with any of the handles. However, we generally recommend using the parallel grip or close grip handles as this gives the user more stability through the shoulder girdle and is easier on the wrists.

The bag can also be used in other ways, such as gripping the actual bag itself to build grip strength, performing carries using the carry handle and for throwing, dragging, swinging and spinning exercises.