The Sandbag Shoulder Get-up (SGU) is a variation of the Turkish Get-Up (TGU), an old time wrestling exercise that’s phenomenal for both athletes and the general population. The movement targets most muscles of the body, but is particularly good for developing the core, legs and shoulders. There is a set procedure we use for the SGU and TGU, but traditionally the TGU was simply getting up from a lying position.

Teaching Points

  1. Start in the standing position with the bag shouldered on one side.
  2. Reverse lunge with the side that’s holding the bag and place the knee on the floor, the put one hand down on the floor for support.
  3. Sweep the back leg through so the foot is at a 90 degree ensuring you keep the hips high.
  4. Then, change the supporting hand to an elbow, lower the hips and shoulder simultaneously to the floor.
  5. Reverse the movement and stand up.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Not keeping the lifting arm vertical.
Correction: Roll onto the empty elbow and drive the kettlebell upwards.