Steel Club Switch Mill Squats is a dynamic and challenging exercise that combines the benefits of a switch mill with the added intensity of squats. This full-body movement, executed with a steel club, targets key muscle groups, including the upper body, shoulders, core, grip, and legs. The movement not only enhances strength but also demands coordination and balance, making it an efficient and effective addition to any fitness workout.


  1. Club Setup:

    • Begin with a lighter steel club to familiarize yourself with the movement before progressing to heavier weights.
    • Clean the club into the order position, keeping the elbow tucked in tightly.
  2. Switch Mill Technique:

    • Initiate the switch mill by performing a standard mill with one hand.
    • Transfer the club to the opposite hand, executing a reverse mill with the outside elbow circling.
  3. Squat Integration:

    • After the switch mill, smoothly transition into a squat by bending at the knees and lowering the body.
    • Ensure proper squat form, with the torso facing forward, knees tracking over toes, and weight driving down through the heels.
  4. Arm Movement:

    • Throughout the exercise, maintain a full arm lock during the swing.
  5. Weight Progression:

    • Gradually increase the weight of the steel club as strength and proficiency improve.
    • Focus on maintaining proper form, especially during the squat portion of the exercise.