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The Steel Mace Figure 8 is an excellent exercise for developing wrist and grip strength and a fun movement to add to your workouts.

Teaching Points

  1. Start with steel mace in the rack position with your feet positioned hip width apart.
  2. Reverse the grip on the top hand so that your thumb is pointing downwards whilst simultaneously releasing the grip on your bottom hand.
  3. Perform the single hand bottom metronome exercise and let the mace swing to the 3 o’clock position.
  4. Catch the mace with your empty hand and perform a 360.
  5. Repeat the movement going in the same direction, or stop in the rack position and go back the way you came and perform a figure 10-To-2.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Not reversing the grip on the top hand.
Correction. Ensure the thumb is pointing down.