The Steel Mace 360, Squat, Switch & Rotational Uppercut is a fun, full body movement that combines strength and coordination. Follow the instructions below to master this unique steel mace flow movement.

  1. Steel Mace 360:

    • Initiate the movement with a 360 swing.
  2. Catch and Grip:

    • Catch the mace in the opposite hand, ensuring the thumb points towards the mace head.
  3. Squat Integration:

    • Immediately transition into a squat following the 360.
  4. Switch Technique:

    • Upon reaching full extension during the squat, perform a swift switch of the mace to the other hand.
  5. Rotational Uppercut:

    • Continue the movement with a powerful rotational uppercut.
  6. Alternate Sides:

    • Execute a 360 over the right shoulder with the left hand on top.
  7. Repeat on Opposite Side:

    • Transition to the other side, repeating the entire sequence – 360, squat, switch, and rotational uppercut.
  8. Continuous Flow:

    • Maintain a fluid rhythm, continuously alternating sides with the complete sequence.