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This exercise is called the steel mace forward lunge and chop. 

This is a great exercise, you’re hitting the lower body with the lunge and working rotational upper body strength as well as the shoulders. 

We’re going to set up in a guard position on one side of the body, because you’ve got that extra leverage of the handle, have one hand in the middle, and one hand at the bottom.

Then from there, we’re going to step forward into a lunge. 

If I’ve got the mace in a right-handed guard, I’m going to step forward with my left leg. 

Usual cues apply with the forward lunge, just making sure that the front knee stays over the heel. Squeeze up through that front glute, drive down through the front heel and stand back up into extension. 

From there we’re going to chop down with that mace, keeping the shoulder packed down, the thoracic facing the mace head, and the eyes fixed on the mace. 

Both arms are fully locked out into extension, come back into the standing position and then we go again over that same side.